Pregnancy Worry


My wife has had multiple Cesarian births. We would love more children, but with each pregnancy, she is more and more at risk. Is it reasonable to go on some form of birth control eventually if at some point we felt that another pregnancy would place her health or life at risk?


Contact the Pope Paul VI Institute or go to their website I know there are listings of drs. in different areas of the country. These physicians aren’t afraid of “high risk” pregnancies (as many OB/GYNs are and therefore promote, push or scare patients into birth control).


I agree. :thumbsup:

Also, NFP is very reliable for postponing pregnancy when you know what you’re doing.

This, though, is something probably better discussed with a doctor and a priest. :slight_smile:


Using any form of contraception is always a mortal sin.

If another pregnancy would be dangerous to your wife, NFP is the only way to go besides abstinence. Believe it or not, NFP happens to be very, very effective if you follow the rules. Just as effective as the pill. There is just no reason to feel that you have to put your soul in danger and resort to pills or surgeries.


:yup: Couldn’t have said it better myself. NFP works. And if God gives you a surprise anyway, He will give you the grace to deal with it. He’s good like that. :wink: Artificial birth control is always wrong. The pill is abortifacient. Read JPII’s Theology of the Body if you need to learn more.


I also would like to add that all forms of artificial birth control have a failure rate. I think it’s a false sense of security when you’re using them to prevent a dangerous pregnancy.

IMO, (and I don’t know the statistics), it would be more effective to use the most conservative rules of NFP.


Natural family planning is 99% effective…you won’t get that guarantee from any artificial birth control. Besides it’s free, good for your body and good for your soul!!!

I know you are scared and frightened for your wife’s health. This is reasonable. I think if you check out the “Couple to Couple League” it will put your mind at ease about natural family planning. It was so much easier than I thought. I will pray that you find peace. Thanks for posting your question. Take care.


I am at risk myself. I continue to practice NFP and have done so for 12 1/2 years. I agree about contacting a good, local NFP instructor. Pray for the grace to accept this and to battle the urge to use contraception. Pray to St. Michael, and your Guardian Angels. You will find the courage and peace to continue practicing NFP when you give your worries to God. And I do not say that flippantly. I am walking your walk.


Thank you for all of your warm responses. We are not yet at the point where we are worried about it, but I thought I’d toss it out there now instead of later on down the road. I figure it’s best to have the answers before I need them so when the time comes, I won’t panic. Thank you.


It may be a good idea to do some extensive research on the real risks involved in multiple c-section pregnancies, since you and your wife want more babies. I think some dr’s are overcautious about things like this because of liability issues. So they scare their patients into avoiding another pregnancy and make it sound riskier than it really is. Not that I’m saying that’s the case. I have no idea what risks are involved. But that’s one thing to consider.

And remember, that even if your wife gets pregnant and is at risk, your only option is always to trust in God. He will be in control of the situation, not anybody else. God bless. :wink:


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