Pregnant Christian Woman beaten and dragged naked through Pakistani Police Station

Washington – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that a pregnant Christian woman miscarried on July 26 after police beat her and dragged her naked through their police station in the Gujrat District of Punjab, Pakistan. Police had arrested her and a Muslim woman after their employer accused them of theft, but police did not even touch the Muslim woman.

The woman, Farzana Bibi, worked as a maid in the house of a wealthy Muslim. During a wedding held at the house, some jewelry was stolen from some of the landlord’s female relatives. The police were called, and when they arrived at the scene they arrested two maids: Farzana and a Muslim woman named Rehana. Nazir Masih, Farzana’s husband, said, “Police registered a fake theft case against my wife and Rehana without any proof.”

Nazir went on to say that the police tortured his wife even though she told them she was pregnant. He told ICC, “Sub-Inspector Zulfiqar and Assistant Sub-Inspector Akhter subjected her to intense torture. They stripped off her clothes and dragged her naked around the compound of Cantonment Area Police Station in Kharian. They humiliated and tortured my wife, but did not do anything to Rehana.”

Although Farzana complained of severe pain, the police ignored her pleas and detained her for another two days. When her condition became critical, the police finally transferred her to the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital in Kharian, where she miscarried.

Nazir filed a report with the District Police Officer in Gujrat, detailing the abuse his wife received and her miscarriage. The District Office initiated an investigation after receiving the report, withdrawing the false accusations and suspending officers Zulfiqar and Akhter.

The authorities have pledged to punish all those responsible.

Jeremy Sewall, ICC’s Advocacy Director, said, "While we were not able to confirm whether Farzana was innocent of robbing her employers, it is absolutely unacceptable for police to humiliate her and abuse her so severely that she lost her child. The fact that the Muslim woman accused of the same thing was at least treated like a human being just proves again that if you are not a Muslim in Pakistan, you have no rights. The government should go beyond suspending the two officers guilty of this crime and try them for manslaughter

Until the Middle East nations as a culture develop a sense of empathy for people who are not Muslims, things like this will continue to occur. Injustice cannot be stopped if there is not enough outrage.

Just like to point out that Pakistan is not in the Middle East.

This is a horrible story and we should pray for all those involved.

:doh2: I knew that. Perhaps “Muslim world” would be a better description. I got used to just saying Middle East due to CENTCOM’s map of its area of operations.

Praying for that tiny little life that was taken :gopray:

Does that happen because Pakistan is more “Islamic” compared to other Muslim countries ??

No, it happens because there is not enough fear of reprisal for doing it. I don’t believe this is representative of the government of Pakistan. However, we’ve all seen how Pakistan’s government has almost no control over the areas outside of it’s cities. The further away from Karachi and Islamabad you go, the more likely you are to find tribal-style leadership which may not be with the consent of the people. This has led to “self-enforcement” which permits offenses like these, intentional or not. Since 9/11, Islam as a whole has realized that it’s extremist elements cannot be tolerated in the name of peace, and the road to equality will take generations to be completed, just as it does here. Until then, stories like these will probably happen again.

Aah, yes. The religion of peace.

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