Pregnant Friend might get laid off today!


Dear friends,

Please pray for my friend Lucy. She says the bosses are coming in today and they are letting go so many people due to the economy. She is afraid that she will be laid off. And she is just over 4 months pregnant. Her husband has a job, but I think she makes a lot more money than he does and well…please pray for her to keep her job. Thanks so much for your prayers!


Merciful Father, please help Lucy in this time of struggle and pregnancy. May she retain her job. In all circumstances, see that this child is taken care of, mercifully and joyfully. Mary, pray with us. Amen. :signofcross:


Thanks so much for your prayers!

Good news from Lucy! She wasn’t laid off!!! :smiley:


Father, please hear and grant this prayer.
Please give Lucy peace and security, and bless this family. Thank You, Father


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