"Pregnant Man" Gives Birth to Girl


I really don’t know what to say about how far we’ve sunk, but thought I’d share…

Another article about the same subject:


The sinking started when society allowed a person with XX chromosomes and a uterus call herself a man.


A woman gave birth. This person just thinks they are a guy. Can’t really change what God made a person.

Congratulations on the birth of their child. May the girl grow up healthy and wise.

It’s really a tragedy when selfish people purposely create a life to be raised without both a mother and a father.

God bless her.

To quote a youtuber JezuzFreek777. I can strap a shovel to my butt but that wont make me a back hoe.

DaveBj is :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

The ‘‘man’’ is just a hairy woman with horribly mutilated breasts. God help the poor child, being raised in such a home. May God prevent such abominations in the future, by that I mean people assuming they may ‘‘reassign their genders’’, not the birth of the child, who is blameless in all of this.

Oh my; this is tragic! :eek:

Let’s all pray for that child – those of us who aren’t praying already.

The world has gone crazy! Why are these sorts of things suddenly being accepted within society? Have people lost their minds? This sort of thing would never have been tolerated 30 years ago. Nowadays, the media and sociey in general are far more accepting of weirdo’s and perverts in all guises.

God help that child. No child should be brought up in that environment.

This is a perfect example of the perverted nature of Relativism. This was woman no matter how she tries to spin the lie and the MSM is complicit in perpetuating the lie.

Both are equally culpable in continuing the downward spiral of society.

The human race has regressed atrociously.

And we think the cave men were stupid and the barbarians uncivilized ! ha ha!

Blame it on the learned men.

Best wishes to the child.

Ok this person has a uterus, but you don’t know that the person has xx chromosomes. He/she could very well have xy. There are xx males and xy females whether you want to believe it or not. While as a male to female transsexual myself, I don’t think this person is doing a service to anyone by playng both sides of the fence, which makes it harder on legitimate transsexuals like me. By the same token I’m tired of all this nasty language of call transsexuals freaks and other names of the like. Not very charitable!

A child is born; the innocent child should always be welcome among us no matter what the circumstances of the birth.

Some media members are tragically misguided; they will have to ‘answer to’ Somebody one day and we can pray for them today to ‘come to their senses’, repudiate the terrible lies they are, knowingly and unknowingly, perpetuating on humanity.

Some people – the ‘parents’ of the child (and I am not denigrating in any way people who become parents through adoption and are not, like the spouse of this ‘birthmother’ themselves involved in conception–adoptive parents are just as ‘real’ as birth parents)–are tragically misguided, and need our prayers.

Some who ‘read’ of this will likewise allow themselves to be manipulated and become misguided as well. They need our prayers.

Almighty God, you created this child to know you, love you, and serve you. Please grant that whatever difficulties she faces she will gain the true knowledge of you and strive always to do your will.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph: Holy Family, you are the model for all --guide this family back to your Truth, let them reject the errors they now embrace and strive always to do your will.

Holy Spirit, embodiment of wisdom: Enlighten the minds of those who currently stumble in the dark of falsehood and, thinking themselves ‘angels of light’, try to darken the paths for all humanity. Bring them back to Truth and may they strive always to do your will.


This brings to mind a quote from a book or a movie that I’ve seen (I misremember at this point), which I will paraphrase:

“We were so busy asking if we COULD do it to stop and ask if we SHOULD do it.”

I have a neighbor who is transgendered in my cul-de-sac. He now goes by the name Jessica and has obviously been taking hormone treatments. I pray for Jeremy whenever he comes to mind. I am sorry that he feels such pain that changing his very gender is the only way to assuage it. Hopefully he will change his mind before he does anything irreversible.

This “pregnant man” is nothing more than a very confused woman. God only knows how much damage could have been done by gestating in that woman who was still taking enough male hormones to necessitate shaving. I suggest we place this innocent babe in God’s mercy and hope for the best.

I pray for the child. I hope that she turns out loving, healthy and happy. That’s all we can ask for in this situation.

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