Pregnant muslimah murdered by racist


On August 21, 2008, Marwa was with her then 2-year-old at a playground in the Dresden suburb of Johannstadt. She had arrived in Germany together with her son and husband, Ali, three years prior to the incident from Egypt. Ali holds a fellowship at the renowned Max-Planck-Institut

On the playground, an argument arose between Marwa and and the 27-year-old Alex, where he insulted her with words like “slut”, “Islamist”, and “Terrorist.” After an official complaint was filed, a local court fined the man 780 Euro. The prosecutors felt that the punishment was too soft, and the man proceeded to appeal the decision. As a result, the appeal was heard by the State Court in Dresden in July 2009.

During the proceedings on the morning of July 1st, in addition to the accused and his state-assigned counsel, both Marwa’s 3-year-old son and her husband were in attendance. The routine process was running without incident, when the situation radically changed in a matter of seconds. As Marwa wrapped up her statement to the court, the accused man lunged at her with a knife he had brought with him. In front of her child, Marwa was stabbed eighteen times in less than 30 seconds. Both the defense attorney and Marwa’s husband attempted to get between the man and Marwa, resulting in Ali being stabbed. Two police officers, who stormed the hall, took Ali for the attacker, shooting him in the leg. Only afterwards could the real attacker be identified and taken into custody.

Marwia died right there in the courtroom as a result of the stab wounds. It is now become known that she was pregnant at the time of her death. Her husband was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. The 3-year-old son, who was also injured, has been taken into care by friends. A spokesperson of the prosecution, Christian Avenarius, spoke a day after the incident, described the incident as the “fanatical actions of a lone man, who was acting out of feelings of extreme xenophobia.”



Yep. Racism is a terrible thing.

Is there something you would like to discuss regarding this case or did you just feel it should have been brought to people’s attentions?

Mahometans in Jordan murdered their own pregnant sister because they didn’t approve of who she married two years ago. And this is MUCH more recent.

Is this racist, too?

Lord have mercy!

Oh so you DID post this up. A very stupid and immature post…I was definitely not expecting it from you.


So it is HORRIBLE if a non-Muslim kills a Muslim, but nothing should be said if a Muslim kills a Muslim? :mad:

Racism is racism and prejudice is prejudice. Either it is WRONG to kill someone for what they believe or it is not. You can’t have it both ways. There is nothing “honorable” about “honor” killings. “Honor killing” is cowardice, stupidity, and immaturity at its worst.

If you feel it was OK for the brother to kill his sister, then you should have no concern whether the park dude killed the mother. However, if you feel it was wrong for the park dude to have killed the mother, then you should be just as upset at the families who kill their own over stupid reasons. (and killing someone for leaving Islam is a stupid reason).

No that isn’t what I said. I think that post is stupid because of three reasons:

  1. It detracts from my thread.
  2. How is honour killings racist? Racism is completely different to honour-killings. This thread is not about honour-killings. If bpbasilphx wants to defame islam showing a few examples of extremist muslim nutbags then he can do it on a thread about “honour-killings” and not a thread about racism against muslims.
  3. I AM NOT A MAHOMET! It is an insult if you call a muslim a Mahomet! How would you like it if I called you a Paulician?


Racism is evil. It is hard to keep this in control as long as we have hatred in our heart.

I never called you a Mahomet.

If you think that “Paulicians” are followers of the Apostle Paul, you just expose your own ignorance and bigotry.

Paulicians (Armenian: Պավլիկյաններ, also remembered as Pavlikians or Paulikianoi[1]) were an Adoptionist group, also accused by medieval sources as Gnostic and quasi Manichaean Christian. They flourished between 650 and 872 in Armenia and the Eastern Themes of the Byzantine Empire. According to medieval Byzantine sources, the group’s name was derived after the third century Bishop of Antioch, Paul of Samosata.[2][3]

And you’ve never dealt with the issue of honor killings among other Mathometans. Do you approve of them?

No i do not approve of it-what do you mean? you did call me a Mahomet! The term is MUSLIM! Also the Paulicians are used in two meaning one which you described and the other which some muslims call christians bcz they believe them to actually be followers of Paul rather than Jesus (pbuh)


The trouble is, the Muslim view of Jesus can not be demonstrated to be anything other than revisionist. Or can it? Feel free to start a thread on the matter, if you’d like to discuss it. :slight_smile:

Some thinks that it was the devil who actually appeared to Mohammad. is it ok then to call Muslims follower of Satan?

well that is what bpbasilphx told me


If I do not trust Muslims, is that being racist? I do not trust Bin Laden, am I being a racist?

The murder of the pregnant woman resulted in two deaths. This was evil. He deserves punishment on both counts. And for the “accidental” assault" on the husband as well.
I see he is racist. I don’t see he is Catholic or even a Christian. Racism is wrong.
Honor killing is also wrong. And family that kills a daughter (or son or mom, or aunt, uncle, etc) because they feel their honor was besmirched has done evil as well. They also deserve punishment for that murder.
:(Zaki, what did you think? That as Catholics we would celebrate the death of a woman and her child? Not likely.:nope:

Back to the original post,

This is a terrible story, not only to kill a person in cold blood, but to kill an innocent unborn child as well. I don’t know how someone could harbor so much ignorance and hatred in their heart.

What the OP has demonstrated, is that there is evil in the world. I think we already knew that. If the intention was to show that non-Muslims sometimes commit heinous crimes, then I agree with that, too. I wonder if the OP would have been less upset if the man who murdered this woman had flown to the Middle East and blown himself up there. Apparently, it’s acceptable to go into a foreign land and blow up the native people, but not for a native person to kill a foreigner. Somehow, one is murder and one is just defending their culture. Twisted logic of Muslims who defend their terrorists there.

so all muslims are like osama bin laden? trying to make that connection IS racist


Actually, it is not.

It is highly prejudiced but it is not racist. Muslims aren’t a race, they are a religion that includes people from many ethnic backgrounds.

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