Pregnant with kidney stones! Prayers please!

****This prayer is actually for my best friend Alishea. She is 6 months pregnant right now and is having a horrible time with kidney stones. She is in so much pain. She has been in and out of the hospital and has missed numerous days of work. Last year she had to have a stint put in, which helps the stone come out, but causes a lot of discomfort. They are contemplating wether or not to do it again. Anyway please pray that she will be relieved of this pain.

Does anyone know scripture that talks about asking for healing?

Thanks so much,

You got it!

With my prayers - Joe

I’ll definitely remember her in prayers. When you can talk to her, make sure they’ve done tests to find out what has caused her to have stones multiple times. I’m sure they have done tests to determine the cause, but should make sure. Sometimes the parathyroid gland can be hyperactive, put too much calcium in the blood, which causes stones. Just a thought, because it’s easy to miss. Happened to a family member who had lots of stones before anyone determined why.

I’m weak with scriptures, can only think of the one where the woman’s faith was so great that she just touched the back of Jesus’ cloak & knew He could heal her…

I will pray for her and that the Master Physician will heal her and have mercy!

My cousin had this and had to be hospitalized for two months because the pain was so bad. She couldn’t even go to the bathroom without someone to help her. She was doubled over with pain.

But that was 10 years ago. I hope treatments have improved.

May God bless Alishea and grant her an end to her suffering.

Your friend has my prayers. I have suffered with Kidney stones several times since college. I know what she’s going through, poor thing. God bless you and your friend.

Prayers? Done.

I can only begin to sympathize. I woke up in the middle of the night last fall with excruciating lower back pain. Yup, after about an hour of absolute agony, I passed the kidney stone in the emergency room. I cannot even begin to imagine dealing with that kind of pain repeatedly, and while carrying a pregnancy. I hope she gets some medical relief soon.

Prayers going up…but I donot think I can give advice other than medicine has changed quite a bit these days. I have had stone the size of a toonie about 4 years ago and after many months of doctors/speciallists/hospital stays I was sent to London to get it zapped!

Now i have one the size of a loonie in the pelvis of the kidney…so I will going straight to London. no fun! But bearable though…

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