Pregnant women should do 'everything possible' to avoid mosquito bites in Florida,


Pregnant women should do ‘everything possible’ to avoid mosquito bites in Florida, CDC says.


Very good advice. Microcephaly is a very real possibility for your child if you suffer a bit from a carrier mosquito during the first trimester. And you don’t want to subject your child to that particular condition if you can avoid it. Heck I’d go so far as to take an extended vacation somewhere in a higher latitude if possible where these particular bugs don’t range.


It’s a very scary story. I’ve never heard the CDC give a warning even remotely like this. Pregnant women should find a way to come north until they give birth, even just to avoid using DEET while pregnant, and also to stay clear of the pesticide spraying low-income workers, like the one shown wandering around in the link’s video clip.


We need to stop Zika because otherwise it is going to cause a spike in abortions or disabled people needing to be supported neither of which are good.


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