Prejudicial thoughts mortally sinful?


I was watching a television show and someone was performing who I thought very clearly had a homosexual demeanor, and I could not help but have prejudicial, uncharitable thoughts about him, to the point of disgust. A time or two, I tried not to have these thoughts and even told myself that I should not be having these thoughts, but still did not stop thinking them. I know this was sinful, as the Catechism states that unjust discrimination towards these people should not happen, but was this mortally sinful?

A little background: I am OCD and extremely scrupulous, and have a really hard time discerning whether something is mortally sinful vs. venial, or if something is even sinful at all. I’d also like to ask for prayers for the strength to carry this cross of scrupulosity.

Thank you, and God bless!

If you are scrupulous with OCD, then you need to find a spiritual director. Asking questions on here isn’t always going to help, because all you’re going to get are varied answers and catechism quotes.

Besides, you cannot go wrong if you seek out spiritual direction with good intentions.

With the scenario you describe, since you have a scrupulous conscience, if you have any doubts what you did was a mortal sin, then be assured it is not, especially with something like this.

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