Prelate denounces use of term 'Christian militia' in Central African conflict [CWN]


The leading Catholic prelate in the Central African Republic has denounced the activities of Anti-balaka, a network of militias often described as “Christian” in secular media …



Violence against Muslims soars in Central African Republic

By Fredrick Nzwili | Religion News Service, Tuesday, February 11, 10:52 AM

African religious leaders are appealing for an end to violence against Muslims in the Central African Republic as thousands flee to neighboring Chad and Cameroon.

In recent weeks, a pro-Christian militia known as anti-Balaka (or anti-machete) has killed and mutilated Muslims as they have tried to leave the capital Bangui by the truckload.


So now misguided Christians are responding to atrocities with atrocities of their own… this can only lead to trouble…


Lord teach these christians to become true Christians.


Reminds me for some reason of Northern Ireland…


Supposedly 70% of all Americans are Christian. A Christian is a follower, a disciple, a learner of Jesus Christ, thereby deserved of the name Christian. I fear most Americans are nominal Christians at best, in name only. Jesus at the Judgement will determine who His followers are, and who are not.
I propose that it is not possible for a true disciple of Christ, someone who has been truly redeemed by his Blood, a sinner saved by the Grace of God. One who is lead by the Holy Spirit seeking God’s council in prayer: As Jesus instructed His followers “to seek first the Kingdom of God and it’s righteousness.” For such a person to maim, rape, pillage, murder, doing it in the name of Christ. That is not encouraged or taught by any Christian Denomination I know of, or by the Catholic Church. The Nazi’s had the incredible Hubris to believe they were good Christians by murdering Jews. An evil, ignorant and twisted delusion, devoid of any knowledge of the forgiveness of Christ. Our Jesus, the one who sacrificed Himself on behalf of alI mankind, instigating of the massacre of the helpless and homeless!!?? NEVER!! Perish the thought!
I never once believed that the trouble in Ireland was a result of genuine religious Faith. Economic, Cultural wars perhaps, like our Civil War, North versus South maybe. Murderous thugs posing as Christians!
I attended Catholic School K thru 12, read the Gospels and Epistles numerous times, numerous Saints from Athanasius, and Augustine, many protestant Reformers and Catholic Saints. Nowhere have I ever heard any of them propose the justification of the slaughter of innocents in the name of Christ. Instead, I read about forgiveness, tolerance, long-suffering and kindness. I don’t know who these people are, but they are not followers of Christ! Those who do such atrocities are following the dictates of the Devil, not Jesus. What bothers me most is that there is so little knowledge extant of who Jesus is and what true Christian service is about, that people are so gullible as to believe almost anything they’re told, without question. Especially those who call themselves Christians, shamelessly ignorant of what the Church and the Bible teaches.


As to the question of sectarian violence: Yes, I do think that this resembles Northern Ireland. In fact, while I was raised fairly far from the trouble (in Tipperary, which is very far South in Ireland), I did also learn much about the history of the sectarian troubles there. The theological differences between Catholics and Protestants are not well known in Ireland (indeed, you’d be hard pressed to find a layman who could explain or even recite them), so the differences you see there are almost entirely cultural. In NI, the problem, of course, was that “Protestant” meant that you were descended from the (Protestant) Scots and Englishmen that the Crown brought over in the 17th Century to “plant” the land with. and “Catholic” meant that you were descended from the rightful owners of the land, who had been pushed off by force (The idea being that the Loyal Protestant people would eventually outgrow the disloyal Catholic Irish and therefore the previously-rebellious province of Ulster would grow into a safe English heartland). Thus, the Catholic/Protestant divide was also an Irish/English divide, and a victim/oppressor (or children of oppressor) divide. So religion was never really the issue here, it was just used as one more reason to make the other side more foreign and detestable.

I imagine the same thing is happening here, except this time the groups are Christian and Muslim instead of Catholic and Protestant.


Muslims are killing Christians in Nigeria, Central Africa , Egypt, Syria, Christians need to wake up, turn the other cheek does not mean you let someone kill you.

If you live by the Sword you die by the Sword. Good for those Christians they have had enough , there is only so much you can take, the bully only backs off when someone stands up against him, NOT GIVES IN.

Good for them I say.


Your post shows a gross misunderstanding of basic Christian doctrine related to violence, love, and forgiveness.

Perhaps you should speak with your priest regarding you notions here.



Violence is never the answer, though it is occasionally mandated when in defense of yourself or your family. These attacks were not against armed Islamists, they were against innocent civilians who’s only “crime” was being Muslim (admittedly, not the best thing to be, but certainly not enough to warrant attacks). Violence against civilians is -never- justified, period.


Live by the Sword die by the Sword, Christians are not meat fodder for any religion to go in and kill, You have to defend yourself, maybe you should have a stint in the Army to bring you into the real world.


This was my initial reaction as well. There comes a point in time when enough is enough.

The violence in CAR was started by Muslims against Christians and now the Christians are fighting back. At what point would people find it acceptable for them to defend themselves, their families and their neighbors? Should they wait until only a handful are still alive and well?


As a combat vet I can tell you that your views not only run counter to the teachings of the Church, they run counter to the laws of war.


Thank you sir and thanks for your service. :slight_smile:


I find it amazing that you can support the brutal murder of innocent people just becase they are muslims and the murderers are Christian.


Your post speaks of chaos. Violence begets violence- and away we go. . . . . .

Satan works in chaos.

Surely you see this.


I am someone who desperately wants our persecuted Christian brothers and sisters to defend themselves. Even with deadly force if necessary.

HOWEVER… that does not mean I want those persecuted Christians to go out there and commit atrocities of their own.

I can understand wanting to “send a message”; but if your message is the message of Jesus Christ; this is NOT the way to deliver it. Hopefully things will calm down over there and they can all find some way to live in peace. I think Africa is big enough for both parties to coexist civilly, if not peacefully.


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