Prelate lists mandates, executive orders that Trump should rescind to protect religious freedom


Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore has called upon President-elect Donald Trump to take several actions that would reverse mandates and executive orders issued by President Barack Obama and his administration that impinge upon religious liberty.


Original essay by Archbishop Lori:


•“direct HHS to stop enforcing its ‘transgender mandate’ issued under the purported authority of Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act. Catholic hospitals are currently being sued by those seeking coverage of ‘gender reassignment’ surgeries.”

I didn’t know about that dot point, that’s wrong on so many levels. ‘Gender reassignment surgery’ is the biggest lie, such a cruel and harmful one too and then to sue those who refuse to mutilate and harm those suffering from a mental illness further. :frowning:

Good to hear of Catholic Hospitals who stood up and have been standing up against such madness.

They should at least call it for what it is, they aren’t ‘reassigning’ anything, they are amputating and/or using plastic surgery to give someone only the appearance of the opposite gender.

Thank you for sharing.

God Bless


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