Preliminary Affirmative on my annulment


Well, 13 months after initial application, I received my preliminary affirmative on my annulment.

It has no practical significance - my daughters aren't comfortable with me dating socially and it's clear they won't ever be. Being older, it's not that far to the finish line anyway.

Even so, I was relieved to have The Church agree (subject to the appeal process, for the sticklers) that my "marriage" was defective from before the start. I won't be in the uncomfortable position of being "married" to a woman living with another man, which is going on now.


We have an Annulment and Divorce group - maybe you can find some support here. Just click the link in my signature block. I wish you the best of luck and congratulations. I am glad that your will and God's Will have matched up on this one. ;) I can also understand what a momentous healing process that this can be.


Thanks for the pointer.

Just for the record, the divorce wasn't my idea. But once my wife left me I had to re-evaluate the situation, and realized that I had been fighting a loosing battle for many years.

My daughters now tell me my wife had been talking about divorce for most of them, while I was trying one counselor after another, always ending up going alone.


I am so sorry. Prayers to you. Sometimes we are always the last to know.


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