Preliminary Questionnaire from Discacled Carmelite Nuns

  • Please take note that some of the answers to these questions are private and personal so you do not have to answer them on here

I am sharing the “Preliminary Questionnaire” that I received in the past from the Discalced Carmelite Nuns in hopes that it will help someone else who is considering or discerning Religious life…Oh by the way, I answered all of these questions.

Preliminary Questionnaire:

Please answer the following questions on a seperate piece of paper.

  1. Name, age, family background, education, religious education, health, interest.

  2. Are you a convert? Have you ever been in a Religious Order or Congregation? Have yuo ever applied to any?

  3. What is your concept of a vowed life?

  4. What are your ideas on contemplative life?

  5. What has led you to the decision to enter Carmel?

  6. Are you under spiritual direction?

  7. Since finishing school how many jobs have you held? What is the longest period you worked at any one place?

  8. What is it in Carmelite Spirituality that attracts you?

** The other questionnaire is from the Poor Clares in Cleveland, OH.**

Is this for entrance or for a visit?

Thank you for your question from Rev. Mother Claire’s letter the Preliminary Questionnaire was included and passed on the Final Professed Sister so the Carmelite Sisters will get to know me better of course Mother Claire advised in her letter that I come for a visit that way I could have my questions answered and if they had any for me.

Like I stated before, I answered the Preliminary Questionnaire already but I didn’t explain when. I answered all of these questions on April.27th/08/Sun. I had the opportunity and privilege of visiting them the following month…I have been thinking, dreaming, and Praying that one day I will return to Carmel and I do hope that if it’s God’s Holy will that other women will consider the Carmel of St. Joseph in Armstrong, B.C.

Here is a thread I started A calling of love

I do hope that in someway or somehow this will help anyone who is discerning a vocation to Religious life.

God bless,

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