Preliminary results: Slovenians reject same-sex marriage law


LJUBLJANA, Slovenia (AP) — Slovenians rejected a same-sex marriage law by a large margin in a referendum on Sunday, according to preliminary referendum results.

The results released Sunday by authorities show 63 percent voted against a bill that defines marriage as a union of two adults, while 37 percent were in favor.

The results were incomplete, but were unlikely to change significantly in the final tally.


Just saw it on the BBC. Good news in that Slovenia is considered liberal by Eastern European standards. 37 pct favoring it though is still disturbing.


Eastern Europe is however generally quite right wing on these sorts of issues (very strong catholic and orthodox populations). This is truly excellent news and a welcome blow against those who try to normalise what is wrong.


Slovenia is however also a very small country sadly with a population of only around 2 million so it’s not like this will block the tide although it is welcome news.


Liberal California reject SSM at one point too, but the American justice system overruled them.

When people are given a say, this is how they typically vote.

Expect people to be given a say less and less therefore.


God bless and God help us from running around like sheep without a shepherd…


63% against, 37% for, those figures seem loosely to be what many other places vote, North Carolina and so forth. I think the Slovenes join the Croatians on this.


Sad to see. But 37% is a good number that will only go up.


The U.S. should follow their lead!


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