Premature Baby Boy

Please pray for a baby boy that was born premature this last Sunday morning. He’s the son of an acquaintance of mine,she had her little boy at 30 weeks and I just got a call that they were taking the baby to Children’s Hospital because he’s going to need a heart operation:(.

She has a tendency to deliver early, so do the rest of her sisters, she has two other little boys who were also premature. I don’t know the little boy’s name yet, we’ll call him Vicki’s Boy until I find out his name and then I’ll let you all know, thanks in advance for your prayers:gopray2: :love:.

By the way, she’s the one who has been trying to “save” her family and everyone around her from the Catholic Church, she became some kind of protestant, maybe the Blessed Mother or a Saint will come to the aid of her baby, maybe she’ll turn back to Mother Church…God’s Will be done:signofcross:.

May our Blessed Mother guide her, be with her and pray for her and the sweet baby. :crossrc:

May this little boy be cradled in angel’s arms as he struggles and may his parents find comfort in our Lord.

Dear Infant of Prague, please show your mercy and love for this child.

Heavenly Father, you create us in your own image and you desire that not even the least of us should perish. Father, bless this little one. Bless his family. I pray this in Jesus name… AMEN

Praying for them.

My son, too, was born at 30 weeks. He is fine now and a healthy 4 year old:) , but I can partially imagine what they are going through.

Dear Mary, Queen of Heaven and Gentle Mother, watch over this little child. Will keep the child in daily prayer.

O, Holy Mother, please watch over Vicki’s Boy and intercede on his behalf. May he grow stronger in your sight and be blessed by your own son our Lord, Jesus Christ.

As our Heavenly Mother, please comfort Vicki during this difficult time and may she return to the Church.

God Bless them both and I will keep them in my daily prayers.


Update: Found out last night that the baby’s name is Daniel and he will, most likely, be having heart surgery today, continue to keep him and his family in your prayers, thank you.

Praying for the family.

Praying for Baby Daniel’s heart surgery to go well today. Please, Baby Jesus, heal this little boy! :gopray:

Keeping Daniel in daily prayer with Mary and St. Joseph, powerful advocates in Heaven…may The Lord sustain the family and friends with fortitude, hope and trust…

Keeping Daniel in prayers.

Praying for little Daniel!


Praying for Daniel.BTW,I think St Bartholemew is the Patron of childbirth,will ask him to intercede.



Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the Fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and in the hour of our death. Amen.

Update on little Daniel:

He has not had heart surgery yet, apparently the holes in his little heart are healing on their own:extrahappy: praise God!!! Can you believe that:harp: ? The doctors are watching him closely and will go through with the surgery only if there are signs that his heart is not healing on it’s own anymore.

Thank you all so much for your prayers, I am absolutely positive it’s your prayers, Blessed Mother’s arms and His will that has kept little Daniel out of the operating room, thank you:bowdown2: :tiphat: .

Please keep him in your prayers as he is still in delicate condition and being premature anything could come up, thanks.

Praise GOD!! He is the Healer of all!!!

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