Premier of "Blood Money" Movie Exposing Abortion Canceled After Threats

Blood Money

How many are aware of the documentary film “Blood Money” by Roman Jaquez which was schedule for release last week but was canceled because of threats by pro abortion advocates to picket the theater. The film was rescheduled to open today at a different theater. I have not been able to determine whether or not it opened on schedule this time.

The film exposes the truth about abortion and the huge sums of money that this murderous industry produces for its operators.

The following links provide information on this film and its impact. No wonder those involved in the profit from abortion do not want this information to come out.

Does anyone have any information on this film?

I thought I was pretty up to date on the pro life movement, however, I was not aware of this film.

The first link below is a link to the article.

There is a trailer of the film on the second link below.

This is so telling of the blatant hypocrisy of the radical left. Censorship and the muzzling of all opposing forms of expression betray that peculiar arrogance which presumes to proclaim, “we have made for ourselves an idol which we call truth, and all contrary opinion must be muted for what we deem to be the common good”. They justify tyranny while espousing freedom as their highest ideal. It is as paradoxical as it would be for opponents of the death penalty to use murder as their chosen method of silencing the voices of those who favor that particular form of punishment.

When people insisting on certain rights begin stripping the rights from others, all in the name of progress…I take a keen interest in the matter. Self-justified radical activists can appear humorous and worthy of lampooning as they rant and rave, moving like a single entity, back and forth, here and there. But, eventually, this is the very same mass of people we end up viewing with dread, as the heels of their boots apply more and more pressure on our throats.

May I assume that the threats were NOT from the Tea Party types?

What would Mayor Mike Bloomberg of New York City say about that?

Never heard of this film. What studio(s) produced it? Who stars? Only one theater? Details please. Lots of films draw objections and demonstrations.

I hope the theaters scheduled to show this movie are not intimidated by the pro-abort crowd because I’ve viewed the trailer and it’s so important for this film to be seen as it factually documents the huge, ugly and very lucrative side of abortion.

I would think that the demonstrations might be good publicity for the film as it might draw more people into buying tickets just to see what all the fuss is about.

Follow the links…

WHAT, you haven’t seen all of the coverage by the main stream media?

Surprise Surprise

I’m missing something here. Mere threats of protest don’t “stifle” free speech. There is hardly any serious position taken by anyone that someone doesn’t agree with and threaten to picket or boycott. Anybody who seriously wants the public’s attention to anything important is going to have to be prepared for strong reaction.

Did you read the article? The theater owner canceled the showing because of the threats not the producer.

Well I wouldn’t want my theater turned into the rucus surrounding abortion clinics either. But that’s not hindering freedom of speech. It goes both ways. You don’t see abortion clinics halting their procedures just because there are picketers and prayers, and yellers outside making noise. The only reason why the theater pulled out is because they didn’t want all that drama outside their theater. It could effect future business. But I’d hardly call the “pro-abortion” reaction hypocritical :rolleyes:

I haven’t head of it either. But then, it’s not something I would go watch either… It takes a lot to get me to the theater anyway. If I can’t watch an animal anticruelty commercial, you can bet I’m not going to be watching this film :rolleyes:

That is the point, the main stream media lambastes the tea party people for peaceful protests, but are strangely silent when people violent enough to scare a theater owner into canceling a film just threaten to protest.

Did you watch the trailer? There was nothing violent or graphic in the trailer. I do not know what is in the full version of the film, however, I doubt it is different than the trailer.

Hopefully you do not need to watch it if you are pro life. Unfortunately, the people that do need to watch (pro choice people) will not watch it either.

This is such an important movie. I hope it reaches people far and wide! We cannot be intimidated!

99% of all films made by Hollywood march lockstep to the liberal philosophical drumbeat, at the very least tangentially, and must do so if they wish the project to reach post-production and release. The hypocrisy is that the 1% of philosophically contrary films which do manage to will their ways into theaters are always the targets of some sort of active opposition and distortion. I refer to no specific group of protestors but rather to the larger left-wing stranglehold on all forms of media in our culture, and the control they exert
over what is allowed to be produced and distributed.

Go pitch a film project that is irreverant regarding mainstream, or traditional concepts and perspectives, and you will get a listen, and the funding will start to accumulate. For example, write a script that depicts Jesus Christ as having been homosexual and you will find a receptive interest from the Hollywood cognocenti. But, try to sell a script which is reverential of Christ, or espouses a core concervative ethos counter to those of the liberal agenda, or, as it is this case, a film with a pro-life message, then best of luck to you. It is a small miracle this particular film even found a theater that would show it.

Yes, I do find it hypocritical that so few films are made which are diametrically opposed to the far left ideals of Hollywood, and that when one manages this daunting task it always seems to attract so much disproportional resentment and opposition. I guess freedom of speech and expression are principles to be extolled only when Robert Maplethorpe is smearing excrement on a sacred religious icon, but God forbid if someone dares to explode the pro-abortion mythos. One word sums it up: Hypocrisy.


I’m really hoping this film comes to the Chicago area. I’d like to see it.

i haven’t heard of this film either. how many people will go see it i wonder because a lot of people just want to put the abortion issue out of their minds.

i was watching the Sundance channel the other night and there was a documentary on the pro/choice-pro/life movement. it was very good. i wish i could think of the name of it.
of course, some of it did focus on the abortion doctors who were killed and focused on the people accused of killing them. however, there were a few scenes where they showed the remains of the aborted fetus and i don’t see how anyone can see something like that and think that abortion is “right”. i prayed the rosary after watching it and prayed for the babies who have been aborted and prayed for an end to legal abortion.

Hollywood gets surprised all the time but never learns.

A few years back, the jaded and sarcastic and cynical liberals were shocked at the success of the comedy movie, “Sister Act”.

Then, in the runup to the release of “The Passion of the Christ”, the news media was filled with how the film would be a disaster; it made close to one billion dollars. Must have been the biggest gross for a movie in its first year. Mel Gibson used his own money and everybody mocked him until the ticket sales numbers rolled in.

But they don’t learn.

Wholesome and reverent, well-done movies are popular!

At the same time, the move, “Reds”, was a paen to the rise of Communism. Nobody went to it.

Reds was kind of an artsy movie, on an obscure topic (early 20th century American leftist journalist John Reed) so its distribution was relatively limited. It opened in only 644 theaters, however its revenue at those theaters was respectable - quite a few people went to it. The movie grossed $40 million, with a production budget of $32 million, so the film lost money. But it wasn’t exactly a box office bomb - Hollywood has lost much more money on scores of other movies.

As for as “Blood Money”, there isn’t much information about it. The key to a movie’s success, like the key to a book’s success, is getting it distributed. But there doesn’t seem to be any information about its producers shopping the film around.

This is true. I first became aware of this film when a pro life friend called it to my attention. He was interested in supporting the film in some way. As I began looking for information on the film I was surprised to find it difficult to find. I would think that various pro life groups would be jumping to support it. On the “Blood Money” web site the list of “friends is small”;

Friends of the film:

Priests for Life
King for America
Pro-Life Unity
Living Hope for Life

Doing a search on Priest for Life website, the search for “Blood Money” does not find any hits relative to this film???:confused::confused::confused:

The film was suppose to open yesterday at a different theater. Does anyone know if it did?

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