'Prepare to be shocked," Milwaukee archbishop warns of priest sex files


Batten down the hatches, folks. The MSM will have a field day.


And the WAR escalates.

Every time I hear about abuse by priests it is upsetting. For those who assign them to another parish is criminal. The cover up needs to stop. The devil is everywhere.

“Releasing these documents is not going to hurt us. The damage has been done. We can’t suffer any more than we already have,” said Charles Linneman of Sugar Grove, Ill.

I read up to this part,

I do not know who Charles Linneman is or who he thinks " us " is referring too, but there will indeed be damage done once again, all this is doing is opening an old wound and not allowing anyone to heal, or to grow from, the only purpose of releasing these documents now that I can tell is to stir more dissent against the Roman Catholic Church.

Pope Francis has already made a remark about how gossip hurts and we should refrain from it, what else can possibly come from the knowledge of these reports other than gossip and more of the blame game and more pointing fingers ?

Maybe if anything light will be shed on Cardinal Dolan, and his role in the matter if any and to what degree, but then what ? Will there be some giant petition to the Vatican / Pope for his removal ? I don’t see that happening.

What good can come from releasing the documents ? Not saying the documents should not be released merely saying that there is probably little if no good that can come from it and that there will be only more damage to follow across the board.

Except the ammo they are using is the the wrongdoing of Diocesan hierarchy and some of the clergy.

The WAR is both within and outside of the Church. Anyone who can’t see that Satan is alive and well inside the Church of Christ as well as outside has missed a few things.

You should have read one more line - he’s one of the victims. He was referring to the fact that some people were saying that the files shouldn’t be released because it would be painful for the victims.

Oh you meant the war with Satan. that point wasn’t clear - thanks for clarifying.

I think you are right.

“Pierces the heart” just to read the broad background details in the article…especially seeing the names of former archbishops and priests who betrayed the Lord and their flock…“sick to the stomach” will likely follow when the details of the diocese’s bishops’/priests’ files/records are “on the media streets”.

My prayers and heart go out to current Archbishop Listecki (installed January 4, 2010) and his current Auxiliary bishops…and to all the faithful priests currently serving the bishop and his flock in the parishes… and to all the religious and laity serving in the diocesan schools and Catholic ministries. What crosses they must now carry…betrayed by their own brothers in Christ. God bless and strengthen them…and all the faithful. I hope that the Merciful Lord will bring back the many Catholic laity who have left the Church (quit believing and practicing their Catholic Faith) because of this particular saga of bishops/priests/religious scandals…and the reality that “broke their financial backs” because so much of their charitable donations had to be used for settling these abuse cases and lawyer fees…leading to Diocese bankruptcy (2011).

Look what Archbishop Listecki went from—Bishop of Diocese of LaCrosse—to this Milwaukee cross:

As the bishop of LaCrosse, he (Listecki) led the diocese in various initiatives including a successful $50 million dollar capital campaign; the individual incorporation and computerization of all 165 parishes of the diocese; raising over a half-million dollars in Gulf Coast flood relief; assisting in relief for the local floods; and the formulation of a diocesan-wide pastoral plan.

Lord hear and answer our prayers for this good bishop…Archbishop Listecki…Lord have mercy…on us all and help us all…to follow Our Lord Jesus Christ…The Way, The Truth and The Life. (John 14:6)

Pax Christi

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

I hate to say it, folks, but for as much as I despise lawyers, they have done the Church a huge favor here.

Exposing these crimes is painful and embarrassing. But had they not been exposed, the practice of shuffling abusers around from point “a” to point “b” to point “c” would have continued. They would continue to recruit those who would commit those heinous acts on young pre-pubescent boys into the priesthood and coddle them once there, despite those who might potentially be tempted to do so being explicitly banned from seminaries and by ordination by the Holy See from time immemorial.

Frankly, we need to know which of our pastors have (in the past) or, God forbid, are (in the present) coddling or covering up for this notorious, heinous crime.

Personally, I would like to see every substantiated abuse file properly redacted to protect the victim of the abuse and then released to the public. In every diocese. Now. Just get it done and over with.

Rather than having a slow, rotting cancer continue to spread, but slowly, where cover can continue to be sought, let the light shine in brightly so that those who are responsible have no place to run…because the light is shining there, as well.

What war is that?

It seems the Bankruptcy Court is requiring this as a part of the diocese’s bankruptcy proceedings.

Some of these were decades old. Not that it makes it right but when I was in nursing school in the 80’s they thought they could “cure” pedophilia. That has now been proven to be difficult if impossible. That was not known then.

Understand your feelings…but maybe the release will at least let the public…esp. parishioners know that their pastors/priests were faithful…since they will not see their names on the list…seems like justice for all those faithful bishops/priests/religious…demands that the records/list be published.

Also…publication will clarify among the past bishops…who knew what…when they knew it and what they did. I have no doubt that then Archbishop Dolan was saddled with a mess when he became the Archbishop of Milwaukee (2002-2009…his predecessor was Archbishop from 1977-2002)…but what Archbishop Dolan did in each case brought to him…is the unknown in my mind. My assumption is that the Papal Nuncio took a hard look into this scandal issue…and what Cardinal Dolan…did and did not do…before he (the Nuncio) recommended Archbishop Dolan to the Pope as a candidate for Archbishop of New York City (Feb 2005 Dolan was appointed by Pope B-XVI…Archbishop Dolan was installed April 2005). I pray for the best for the current Cardinal Archbishop of New York City.

Pax Christi

True, but it has always been a crime. The cover up should not have happened, not only by the church but by the parents.

For this reason I will read this report Monday afternoon.

Thanks for the link.

The vast majority of cases in not only this Diocese, but others did not involve acts with
pre-pubescent children Most of the victims were sexually mature teen-age boys who were seduced by homosexual clergymen.
One of the unfortunate side effects of the “sexual revolution” of the 1960’s was a drastic drop in priestly vocations. In attempt to make up for this decline, many Diocesan Seminaries admitted candidates with questionable sexual backgrounds-something they rigorously avoided before. Thus, the church authorities gave many seminarians “the benefit of the doubt” and numbers of homosexuals were ordained. The justification for this was “being charitable and understanding”, and “at least we won;t have a scandal of priests running around with women”. The church authorities failed to recognize that many gay men are turned on by teen age boys in the same way straight men are attracted to teen aged girls. The difference here is that there is a vast amount of silence about homosexual acts and very few homosexuals are ever prosecuted for consorting with “jail bait”.
The only reason that these acts are classified as pedophilia is because of the law. Today, 15 and 16 year old boys are as mature sexually as a 21 year old…and are probably just as active.

In the 60’s and 70’s 15, 16, and 17 year old boys were most often virgins and very unaware of sex, especially if they had been to an all boys Catholic school.

They might have had raging hormones, but were worried about masturbation and mortal sin and temptation, and had far more “guilt” than today’s youth.

Easy pickings in other words.

I agree but a “treatable crime” That was the 80’s. Then Thanks be to God it was realized by the recidivism rate this is not curable. Many parents accept settlements rather than have a child have to appear in court. I don’t know what I would do and I pray for all the victims and their families.

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