Preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage


My fiance and I are four months out from our wedding. I’m looking for ways we can continue to prepare to receive the sacrament of marriage. We’ve done the parish required preparation, including going to an Engaged Encounter weekend and taking NFP classes. We’ve gone through the workbook Before “I Do” by Anthony Garascia, which was very helpful and led to some good discussions. We also pray the rosary together daily.

Now though it feels like we’re spending more time preparing for the wedding and not so much time preparing for the marriage, and neither of us want it to be that way. Any suggestions on how we can continue to prepare ourselves to receive the sacrament? Thanks in advance for the input!


Did the parish give you a book called together for life? That book is great to prepare for marriage. Our priest gave it to us to read it together and suggested us to talk about all the topics in the book, answer all the question and discuss it. I thought it was great. The book has a guide to help you prepare for your wedding mass but it also has on every page different subjects regarding marriage itself that are great to discuss. If you don’t have it I am sure your priest can get it for you or you can buy it from the internet


The Five Love Languages by David Chapman came to my attention on this forum. I purchased it for my kindle and read it. Frankly, I can not recommend it enough, after 41 years of marriage I discovered quite a bit about myself and my husband. I would urge you to purchase and each of you to read it. What a blessing to discover the things you will discover at the beginning of your journey together. In addition, I have been to Marriage Encounter and if Engagement Encounter is similar, there are many activities you could continue from it.


Read “the Jewelers Shop” (alone so you can each ponder it in silence…)




I would also encourage you to enroll in a financial workshop or class, hopefully a parish in your diocese offers one. Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University is good (although he is not Catholic, but there is not too much in his teaching that contradicts the Catholic faith).

Related to the wedding, I would also throw out the idea of asking your priest about making Confession available the day before, or after the rehearsal, so that both of you, and any in your party, can go to the sacrament and Mass with a pure soul.

God bless on your marriage!


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