Preparing for vocation


How is the Lord preparing you for your vocation? Marriage vocation? Religious Vocation? ?


WOW, this seems to be a slow forum. This thread started months ago, with few/no responses.

if you’re still there…I feel like I didn’t know how God was preparing me for the circumstances of my life. But, I always felt His Presence. It’s like I got on a bus and only later found out where it was headed. I was put into places and situations that others were not. My bit feet took up a certain amount of space. I leaned I had to worry about what happened in that space, first.

Part of my vocation was working with people who had little faith and low morals. I always stood out. Telling the truth made me stick out like a sore thumb. I always found it easier to tell the truth – I had less to explain, especially when I made a mistake.

Whatever decision I made, I tried (tried) to do what I thought was right (but not all the time – my tendencies to sin).

I heard a program on EWTN tonight, and they were saying we’d be judged about what we did to stop abortion. I have to say I haven’t done enough.


Thank you for that. It is inspiring and moving to hear. :slight_smile:


For either vocation, it’s always a better idea to be the best that you can be. Eating; sleeping; following a schedule; keeping down a job; etc. One has to do both in either marriage or religious life, where the name of the game is survival of the family unit. There will be disagreements, but one should be humble enough to apologize.

As I heard one Protestant woman attest to her early days of marriage, she would ask herself, “Do I submit, or do I persevere?” In one case, her “perseverance” saved her husband’s life when he was having an allergic reaction to a spider bite.

Both states-in-life require celibacy. The married couple who are practicing Catholics and are practicing Natural Family Planning (not rhythm) will be required to practice celibacy until that narrow window when the female is not fertile.

For marriage, if the woman stays at home with the children, then the schedule is built around that of the breadwinner’s work. Once the children come, both will have to accommodate the child’s schedule until they are older and begin school (hope that makes sense). If funds are an issue, they will have to have the woman work, and that will require childcare and a routine. Even babies can pick up on vibes.

Keeping the family on a schedule goes a long way to assisting even those with ADHD. Weekends have to have schedules. If headaches are an issue, sleeping one hour later than usual on the weekend is advised, rather than “sleeping til noon.”




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