Prerequisites for marriage

If a man and a woman are baptized, have had the sacraments of pennance and communion, do they have to have the sacrament of confirmation before they can be married by the church?

Yes, it is most desirable that way.

According to Canon Law:
Catholics who have not yet received the sacrament of confirmation are to receive it before they are admitted to marriage if it can be done without grave inconvenience ( 1065 §1CIC).

Note that it doesn’t say whether that’s ‘great inconvenience’ for the one who needs Confirmation or for the priest.

Note, also, that it says “grave inconvenience,” Phemie. :stuck_out_tongue:

But often my definition and the pastor’s definition of a word are quite different.

Today he compared his ignoring Canon Law to St. Paul insisting on making Christians of gentiles without making them Jews first.

I was just being difficult. :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, it sounds like your pastor and mine would make good friends. :rolleyes:

Than you for your replies. How the phrase grave inconvenience is interpreted seems to be key.

ordinarily yes. however if one has not been confirmed the preparation for confirmation can coincide with the marriage preparation period, and if it should happen that the bishop will not be confirming before their planned wedding date, if it cannot be deferred, the confirmation can take place later.

if either Catholic party refuses confirmation the pastor is justified in questioning whether or not their mature commitment to the faith is sufficient to give them proper understanding and commitment for the sacrament of marriage.

grave inconvenience will be interpreted by the priest who is preparing the couple. examples might be that they have time constraints on the wedding such as military deployment, business or school commitment, long distance move planned etc…

As long as nothing prevents them from first receiving the Sacarmant of Confirmation. Yes Canon Law says that they should receive it first.

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