Prerequisites for Postulancy


For either diocesan or religious order, they usually expect the candidate to be involved in some form of ministry. But is there a certain preference as to which ministry they’re in? e.g. are altar servers favoured more than lectors? Does the candidate have to be a youth leader rather than a committed participant?

Either way, things will be tested after the discernment process during candidacy.

Other factors to consider include motivations. The most common excuses are thoughts of having no chance of getting married and no career. But what if even if these conditions hold and priesthood may actually bring out the best in that person? How about asking the hypothetical question whether they would still be interested in the priesthood even they have a good chance of pursuing marriage and a long term career.

The odd thing is, priests will never turn a blind eye to someone who has expressed initial interest, but then there is a long road during discernment and candidacy, before reaching postulancy.

At the same time, one should not partake in ministry solely for the purpose of candidacy. If they genuinely like it, it should be fine, and whether this holds perpetually will be tested in later stages.


Having gone through both diocesan and religious application processes, no they usually don’t. That’s not to say it isn’t looked upon favorably, however.

…but those ARE the kind of guys a vocations director looks for, the kind of guys who could easily be living a normal life, but through an invitation from God, have started to consider the priesthood.

It depends on the particular order you’re looking to join. Discernment is between you and God, really; often with the aid of a spiritual director and possibly the vocations director. Candidacy, to me at least, is the time you spend in the application process; although this could also include the minor seminary and perhaps novitiate (depending on the order). Postulancy is really novitiate and major seminary, in my mind, including simple vows if they are utilized; basically any time before the final step.

True enough.

Honestly, don’t worry about it. Just apply, and if questions of ministry come up, you just state that you’ve never really found yourself in a position to do so (or whatever the honest answer is).

At the end of the day, you’re not applying for a job. You don’t (and frankly, for the good of The Church shouldn’t) need to “bend” the truth. The honest answer will get you where you need to be.:thumbsup:


The best advice is to not bother with what people say on the internet. That’s not going to be helpful. Talk to people you are interested in. If they does not work out, then talk to the next people you are interested in.


Present yourself to the pastor and say you’re ready for service. One has to be active in parish life before anyone will give a reference toward a vocation – religious or diocesan…



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