Pres. Obama’s pro-abortion record chronicled [Fr. Z]

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LifeNews did a compilation of Pres. Obama’s promotion of abortion. *HERE.

Pres. Obama’s record concerning the promotion of abortion is frightening. *And the LifeNews compilation doesn’t include what he did as a state senator in Illinois to ensure that babies who survive abortions should die uncared for.

Pres. Obama: What a guy.

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This president has nothing except follow along party lines and rewarding his biggest donors. He is evil, through and through. As the country decays, our elected officials reflect the culture. Lord have mercy on the United States of America. Pray and fast.

I wonder if we might use the word mistaken rather than evil. That is a pretty awful label to put on someone who is largely trying to do what is right for our country. He is just mistaken on this issue.

Obama’s views on abortion are extreme - he even voted to support infanticide as senator. Out of the touch with the pro life views of majority of Americans who want restrictions on abortion.

He is mistaken on many issues…I understand that he is driven by his hard left idology,believes he is doing the right thing,however,you know that pesky Constitution keeps getting in the way:rolleyes:

As for me, I believe in calling a spade a spade. I guess I would say it a little differently; I would say he is influenced by evil. I don’t really believe in calling someone evil but I do believe they can be influenced by evil, and that’s exactly what I believe about this President. “Mistaken” does not really describe it.

Let me see, is fooling with the Constitution limited to left wingers? Hmm, I think it was Lincoln who suspended Habeus Corpus in the Civil War, Roosevelt (ok, left of center) who interned the Japanese in WW2, and of course, George Bush who started wire tapping, internet tapping and hijacking cell phone calls. I am sure there are other examples, but let us not paint with too narrow a brush.

The important thing is that we protest but limit our protest to the insult to our constitutional right to freedom of religion and association. We don’t have to start name-calling. That just diminishes us.

It doesn’t diminish anything, except the heinousness of the act itself. If someone supported a “right to rape,” would we not call it evil? I “right to molest children?” Not evil? Some things are evil, as are the promotion of those things. Abortion is one of those things. Eugenics, genocide, rape - all evil. If you endorse them or lend them support, you are evil, or at the very least, complicit in evil.

“In its current form, Virginia’s bill requires that the ultrasound find and monitor the fetal heartbeat and provide an image of the shape of the fetus. As in other states with ultrasound laws, this will often require a probe to be inserted into the vagina.”

Seems like lawmakers in Virginia believe it is their right to force a woman to be vaginally probed against her will. I call that rape. :mad:

Women have constitutional rights too - and Conservatives don’t seem to have too many qualms about trampling all over them.

Completely off subject. Obama’s pro-abortion record is the thread, don’t try to de-rail.

Just responding to a previous post and the larger issue of whether evil is as evil does.

Hmm…I have not known an ultra sound to be invasive. Have had many of them myself and relatives have had ultra sounds when pregnant, I have happened to be right there with them in the room…no probe inserted into the vagina, nothing internal, not even close. LOL…this coming from the NYT…that’s typical.

“LOL” - You think it’s funny??

You clearly never had an ultrasound prior to nine weeks gestation. I lost a baby at nine weeks - so yes, the procedure is real. Do you still think it’s funny?

But we must not “derail” the thread, but continue to cast stones at Obama as if the GOP is without sin.

It isn’t rape. I can call it ice cream, doesn’t make it have any more meaning. And what does that have to do with Obama’s abortion record? Start your own topic about VA rape laws if you are so worked up.

No one is without sin. But some sins are clearly worse than others. If you want to avoid ever mentioning anything that is immoral, you are in the wrong place. We know you love you some Obama, despite his ridiculous evil flaws, but at least call a spade a spade.

Does anyone have information on this statement, a reference, etc.? I’m not doubting, but would like to have something to document the claim.


That’s quite a lengthy list of Obama’s pro-abortion record. And it’s only post-election. He had quite a lengthy pro-abortion record before being elected. His pro-abortion record has been well known for a long time. Somehow it was ignored by a great many Catholics in the 2008 election.

So your saying that the government ordering a doctor or technician to rape a woman is less evil than the government allowing a woman to exercise her own conscience in the matter of abortion?

As far as I know, Obama has never forced any woman to have an abortion.

Transvaginal ultrasounds are often done in early pregnancy - I had one at 8 weeks with my first. The belly ultrasounds don’t show enough in the early weeks so they do insert a probe into the vagina if an ultrasound is needed early on. This is not made up.

Getting back to the subject of the thread, (which perhaps is uncomfortable for some) this administration promotes the abortion business at every opportunity. There is clearly a great deal a president can do to either promote life or promote abortion, beyond just appointing judges

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