Pres. Trump Most Honest President in History

I just love Pres. Trump! It feels so good to see factories re-opening in our city and factories adding 2nd and 3rd shifts again. It feels so good to see parking lots at these factories filled with workers. It feels so good to see so many people working and to know that many of them will be adding their taxes to ours. We’ve been carrying the burden of the U.S. budgets and our State and local budgets for too long. It’s about time new workers are able to jump in and help out.

It feels good to see a President who seems to know how to handle other nations, especially the “bully nations.” I feel safer and more importantly, I feel like the world is getting closer to a place where we will eliminate or at least greatly reduce tyranny, and THIS will make it possible to tackle any climate change or other environmental issues in an honest and fair way that doesn’t dump all the cost and responsibility on the U.S. while other nations sit back and laugh at our gullibility.

I think the comment about a New York thing makes sense. What’s interesting is that Pres. Trump has been able to understand how people OUTSIDE of NYC live and think, and what our issues are.

I can’t understand why anyone would want to continue the same kind of policies that Pres. Obama was advocating. They cost a fortune to the working class (not the wealthy), and they didn’t really help those of us who were supposd to be helped by those policies–just the opposite–they took money away from us. The rest of world was still beating us up. And immigrants were still being deported. I’m so glad that Secy. Clinton didn’t get elected!

Anyway, I happen to love Marc Thiessen’s columns, and I’m glad they usually come out on Saturday mornings in our newspaper and start my weekends off on a good note!


LOL…just LOL


I just heard NBC journalists (who I usually like) disparaging the improved U.S. economy because the boom is based on “stocks” and the performance of the stock market.

They went on and on about how most Americans don’t invest in stocks.


I agree–many Americans don’t invest in stocks (although many businesses and companies do include stock options as one of the benefits, including my husband’s company).

BUT…the stocks represent companies. All kinds of companies. Companies that regular, non-stock-investing Americans buy things from. Like Pepsi.

And when the stocks are doing well, the companies do well, and the consumers benefit from this. More jobs are created, and that means more taxes going into the local tax kitty, which means a better town to live in day to day.

Also, when the “rich people” who own stocks are doing well (like my husband–his few little stock options that are part of his benefits package are helping his income, especially his retirement income, to flourish), they spend that money. They start new businesses and companies, which means more jobs. They buy more products (“I think we’ll re-do our 2nd country home, dahling! I just love Chip and Joanna’s shabby chic look!”)–and that means more income for the merchants, which means more money for the workers in those companies. They donate more charitable monies, which helps many people out. And supposedly (??really??) they pay more taxes on that increased income.

And little people like my husband and me–we don’t spend millions, but we do spend. We buy more Pepsi! And we might even paint a room in our one house. And sadly, we pay more taxes, but we know that our city could use more taxes. (Our city has lost a large number of people who have moved out of the state.)

Sigh. NYC journalists. Maybe they should actually live in the flyovers for a while.


Among other things the markets reflect the credit businesses and people extend one another. Left by itself it’s a pretty cool system. It’s when the politicians and bankers and the Fed start to tighten up or loosen up artificially is when things get out of balance.

Now Trump is blaming the Fed when he should heed the signs showing the imbalance caused by his own tariff policies. But at least he acknowledges there is a problem.

You mean like when he said Mexico was going to pay for the wall?


Thank you! I needed the laugh!

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It is a pretty low bar.

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