Presbyterian Church approves same-sex marriage [CC]


The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA), one of the United States’ leading Protestant denominations, has voted to allow its pastors to perform "any such marriage they believe …



DETROIT (AP) — The top legislative body of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has voted by large margins to recognize same-sex marriage as Christian in the church constitution, adding language that marriage can be the union of “two people,” not just “a man and a woman.”

I would ask our separated Brethren how it is that God allowed this grievous error in the definition of marriage to exist for over 2,000 years ?


I guess the Presbyterian assembly is operating somewhat like a liberal justice, finding things in the Constitution, or in this case the Scriptures, that have somehow escaped detection for centuries.


It was inevitable once people broke away from the Church. Its hard to say God allowed Christians to be in error on matters of faith and salvation for 1,500 years without constantly caving to cultural pressure and adding to the list


When you hop out of the boat of Peter, and get in your own vessel, you risk this. Your course is not the same (otherwise you wouldn’t have gotten out of the boat). And at first, it may appear there is no significant difference. But even if your course deviates 1 degree from the course of Peter, you will start to separate. And the longer you do remain off course, the further and further you separate.

You place yourself at great risk. Because Peter’s boat is on course for Heaven. If you take a different direction, even a VERY small difference, you are not on the same course. If you aren’t on the same course, you are not headed for the same destination. (Jesus said the path was narrow).

Keep at it long enough, and you won’t even be able to recognize where you are, or even see Peter’s boat.


Hopefully this will lead to some Presbyterians hopping back into peters boat.



From your keystrokes to God’s ears.


I read about this phenomenon a week or so ago. This is beginning to happen across the Church. Kids are returning to the 'Church of their parents" in droves the article stated, because the Catholic Church has not changed over all of these centuries. I’ll have to search for it.


God works in mysterious ways. I think you’ll see many jumping ship, so to speak. Maybe all are starting to head back with gay marriage, abortion, women as deacons, priests and bishops etc. etc. I don’t know how they can stand it.

What’s the purpose of religion if it judges you to be encapable of cooperating with God? Instead of telling the person to repent, pray and fast, it changes its doctrine obviously not really believing in God’s grace nor in the person’s ability to turn away from sin.


All those other boats are sinking. And actually the path is so narrow, that is actually one. :stuck_out_tongue:
I think they’re looking through a looking glass, and the glass is broken. Raise the flag Catholics! Show them were no pirates, but the real deal. Let all who left come on-board, home! Holy Mary, Mother of God, guide them to the safety of thy Son’s Church! :highprayer:


maybe it’s time for a “Presbyterian Ordinariate”???


If you’re not familiar with the PC-USA, this is considered by other Presbyterian churches (in particular, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, the Presbyterian Church of the United States, and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church) to be the “liberal” branch. This is also the largest denomination, and a church from which many members have split in recent years following a series of liberalizing reforms.

Specifically, the logic of such a finding is:
“We Christians have wrongly condemned for nearly 2,000 years acts that are entirely innocent.” And yes, once the logic of “we know better” carries sway, it’s difficult to condemn further instances of “no, WE know better”.


I highly doubt it that every denomination will be received in a special manner back into the Church. First of all they need to relearn much of the faith. It’s not that easy.
Usually protestants come back individually or in small groups. I don’t think that any denomination will choose to move it’s entire operation back in the Church. The boat may be broken, but they aren’t ready to give it up.
I will fall onto my knees if I hear that an entire denomination decided it’s game over and came back, with all pastors, believers, cats and dogs.


About a year ago, my Presbyterian friend told me this would be up for discussion in her church. I asked how can her church allow it. From the way she responed I was left with the impression that this was the line used to sell it. She said, “Well, as Christians we ARE to be tolerant.” Hmmmm.

I immediately pictured a group of people allowing termites to invade their home and allowing them to eat away at it, actually helping them because they’re “tolerant”, while the place is being destroyed from within. In the end, neither the termites nor the folk have a home. All are losers.


"On a positive note, we must reaffirm the right of children to grow up in a family with a father and a mother capable of creating a suitable environment for the child’s development and emotional maturity.” Pope Francis.


Christ never said be tolerant with evil. On the contrary!
Anyone who uses the term tolerant lightly, should read more carefully the New Testament.


Yes, and after past reforms unhappy Presbyterians sometimes moved to the more conservative branches. I wouldn’t expect them to head for the Catholic Church this time.

BTW, two years ago, the General Assembly narrowly rejected approving same-sex marriage. The handwriting was already on the wall when it came to approving such ceremonies, but some thought the PCUSA was moving too quickly. They had only approved of gay clergy in 2010.


If Calvin is in Purgatory, then his torment probably consists of being forced to sit and impotently watch these shenanigans; the outcome of the schismatic splinter he created. He’d probably prefer the flaming coals… :frowning:


And therein lies her beauty! She doesn’t change like other denominations on the whims of man. She is truth. She has remained one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church, not by any efforts from man, but because this is the Church founded by God, and it is He who preserves it.

Peace, Mark


The omission or lack of something doesn’t have to be seen as a “grievous error” on God’s part.

For at least a thousand years, Catholics rarely–if ever–took communion, until it was made a law and then re-established at the Council of Trent and after that.
People didn’t have official rosaries for over a thousand years, until that Spanish priest had an apparition of Mary.

Were these omissions grievous errors that God allowed?
Or did it just take time for these things to evolve?


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