Presbyterian vote to eliminate standards of chastity and fidelity faces critics

My eyes are lying to me:

San Jose, CA., Jul 8, 2008 / 11:57 pm (CNA).- Reaction continues to the decisions of the 218th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA), which took place between June 21 and June 28. The assembly nullified proscriptions against sexual behavior outside of marriage and called for a vote to delete the church’s constitutional standard requiring fidelity in marriage and chastity in singleness. It also initiated a process that could remove mention of the Bible’s prohibition against homosexuality form the Heidelberg Catechism.
The moves are seen by some as an attempt to clear a path for the eventual ordination of practicing homosexuals to the church offices of deacon, elder, or minister.

What is it with these protestant denoms??? Shocking beyond all measure. :eek:

i dont see this is a bad thing. i see it is God at work to reunite His Church. Our Lord is showing us the right path to follow Him.

when these things happen, many will seek the Truth and find their way back to Rome the CC.

So, Sheeeeeeeeeesh! i dont condemn noone i just whatch the Lord working. Bless be God forever. Amem

Rise up oh Holy Catholic Church and in Truth obey thy Lord, thy Founder Jesus Christ, From age to ages. Amen.

I guess you are right! God destroys falsehoods from within! Just like the Church of England.

Yes Sir.

So let’s stay put. not judging, criticizing or condemn them. let’s just keep on pray. have we not been praying for unity?
I see it being answered. Amen.

Blessed be God forever!

Today at mass the priest made a comment on the V2 and how the CC has been silent for 40 years.

it is time for Catholics to begin to share our faith with others not like others do but with moderation, patience, and wisdom. knowing who are the ones who opens the door. we dont want to throw our pearl to the pigs lest they… you know what.

few months back i was talking to a presbyterian friend of mine. i told her how some protestants communities were tired of what is going in their religion and how they showed the desire to have the pope in their midst. i remember her reply: I dont think so. i dont agree with this. i felt quite unconfortable by her reply, it was like she regard herself much better than Catholics.

that is ok. I see Our Lord power.

Direct biblical quote people: "I Truth and do not change."
Fornication has always been condemned by God. This church’s actions are not God-breathed. This is a picture-perfect example of what I posted in the “My Faith is Better than your Faith” thread.

Prayer is what is needed. Prayer that they will see the error of their ways. I mean, fornication EVER being okay in the eyes of God…good joke.

Spoken in Truth and Love:
Gloria En Excelces Deio!
God Bless.:slight_smile:

If eliminating Christian doctrine is a good thing, then their move is a good thing. :rolleyes:

Recognizing certain actions as sinful is not being judgmental. After all, we’re supposed to admonish the sinner, in order to help get them back on track. What we’re not supposed to do, and what Jesus did warn against, is to try and pronounce their eternal fate.

if evil is necessary for some to see the light, then so be it.
why are we to point out to them what they already know?

all i am saying is we should stay put and observe what is happening because good will come out of it. trust in the Lord on this one.

as for me, i reather stay silent and wait on the Lord.
we can spoil God’s plan, if we become proud and begin to point fingers on others.


Once again, this has nothing to do with being judgmental. I agree, we shouldn’t go around on a witchhunt and tell people to stop being homosexuals. However, we should not allow homosexuals to gain leadership roles in any Church (Catholic or Protestant) because it creates scandal because their lifestyle is contradictory to Church teachings (Catholic and hopefully Protestant as well).

yes. but we cant stop people from doing what they set up to do. they already know it is wrong, they are doing. so all we can do is watch ourselves that we dont also fall like they do.
we must pray that those things dont happen to us as well.

and hopefully those who have the desire to do wht pleases Our Lord find their way back into the CC.


Maybe we can’t stop them from doing what they’re doing, but we can’t stop recognizing its sinful or put them in leadership positions in the Church.

But do they know it is wrong?
Let’s look at history here:
When the protestant churches first allowed abortion, did they know it was wrong?
When they allowed contraception, did they know that it was wrong?
The point is that history has taught us that when a faith changes in its beliefs, it obviously no longer finds them wrong.
Sounds to me that the outside pressure to “adjust to the times” is getting to them.

Prayer. That is what this church needs.

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