Presence of Jesus in Communion V. Baptsim

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Just looking for some advice with this query.

I understand that when we are baptised, Jesus is with us. I also hear this is when we will have our guardian angel given to us, although I have also heard that this happens at conception?

So, when we receive communion, is Jesus more ‘fully’ with us?

Or, is it that baptism makes us a temple and we receive Him into our temple during mass?


For starters, Jesus is always with us ^^

At baptism we are cleansed of original sin, and are made capable of receiving grace from God.

While Christ is always with us spiritually; at Communion, he becomes present physically through the transubstantiation of the bread and wine. This is why Catholics have such reverence for the Eucharist, it is literally Christ present among us.

At Baptism we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. He is one with the Father and the Son, of course, but this sacrament of initiation is more specifically the reception of the Holy Spirit and the remission of Original Sin. It is in the indwelling of the Holy Spirit by which God makes His home in us. It is through the Spirit that we can pray, that we can recognize sin, that we can know God, and that we become sons and daughters of God. We receive Him as fulfillment of Jesus’ promise to send someone to us, a Counselor to guide us.

The Eucharist is a celebration of the sacrament of Christ’s sacrifice for our redemption. The Holy Spirit and God the Father are fully present since they are One, but this sacrament is the reception of the actual Body and Blood of Jesus Christ in the sacrifice of the Mass.

Yes! This was one of my favorite lines from Diary of Sister Faustina, where Jesus said “I am always with you, not just after Holy Communion.”

Baptism has the particular sacramental grace of forgiveness of sins whereas the Holy Eucharist has the particular sacramental grace of nourishing. In both is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, which includes the Father and the Son. St. Pope John Paul II wrote on the* The Spirit: Dwelling in Individuals* in 1991:
But Christ himself said that this presence of the Holy Spirit, his indwelling in human hearts which also infers the indwelling of the Father and Son, has a condition, that of love: “Whoever loves me will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our dwelling with him” (Jn 14:23).

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