Presence vs. power of mind

Last year, I was praying at one of the statues of Jesus in the empty parish church. I had asked Jesus to come to me and help me with some tough issues at the time. Shortly after, I felt a presence in the church… to the point of instinctively reaching for my carry piece. Turned around and nobody was visible in the building. Then, I don’t want to call it a “voice,” but I became aware, or at least thought I became aware, that the presence I felt was Jesus. I felt an instant calming.

How can you tell if those situations are real or are the products of one’s mind? Same for the state of calmness felt in church at times.

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Kinda hard for one’s mind to produce such. Mine never has

I have also had similar experiences. Most have been about being aware of the presence of Jesus or His mother. Her presence in particular is accompanied by a sweet smell of roses.
I have also felt the presence of evil, it was at a Sunday mass in Church and what I felt was pain coming from my heart, it felt like the pain was mine. Although I was fine minutes before. It happened at the breaking of bread. I believe someone took a Host and did not consume it. But scurried away from the church instead. I saw the person and was there perplexed at this. I don’t know if anyone else noticed.

To be safe I thank God out loud. I say Jesus’ name & pray a Hail Mary.

If it’s genuine, no harm done. If it’s something else I hope they don’t like me thanking God, & BVM

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