Presented With Letters, Ryan Admits Requesting Stimulus Cash

After repeated denials, Paul Ryan has admitted he requested stimulus cash even after sharply criticizing the program.

This isn’t to show that Paul Ryan is a hypocrite, but rather, to show how Mitt Romney erred greatly in choosing him for his running mate.

Romney listened to political strategist in that he needed to win Wisconsen in order to win the election.

Well, he may win Wisconsin, but he’s going to lose the states he thought he had in his win column, especially Florida.


“After having these letters called to my attention I checked into them, and they were treated as constituent service requests in the same way matters involving Social Security or Veterans Affairs are handled,” he said in a statement. “This is why I didn’t recall the letters earlier. But they should have been handled differently, and I take responsibility for that.

Ryan has now taken responsibilty in 2 weeks, something the POTUS or VPOTUS haven’t done in 4 years. :wink:

And you don’t think Ryan’s “taking responsibility” is a political calculation to deflect this issue because he got caught?

I don’t think Romney erred in choosing Ryan: now they can both “mis-speak” together.

Catholics do not presume to read the content of another’s soul. (Or we are not supposed to).

Fair enough, and thanks for the reminder. But please be sure to apply the same moral principle to Obama.

I do. :slight_smile:

My beef with him is with his policies.

Indeed. :tiphat:

Politicians don’t typically take responsibility. They divert, “clarify” that they didn’t mean what they said, or deny, deny, deny. When was the last time you saw a presidential candidate actually take responsibility?

Yes! Two of a kind for sure, not much room for rejoicing amongst friends herel Peace, Carlan

Oh no! Ryan wrote a letter supporting a constituent’s request for a grant!! :eek::eek:

Well, I guess that ices it. We had better vote for the promoter of abortion, homosexual marriage and persecution of the Catholic Church!!! :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Ryan’s letters were not, and he did not admit that they were, his own “requests for stimulus cash.” They were letters in support of someone else’s application for “stimulus” money. Am I to think there is no difference?

Same beef almost 50% of the electoral have with your guy.
peace, Carlan

From what the blog post says, it seems he didn’t know it was asking for “stimulus” money. I don’t see what the big deal is.


The details are very technical, seems more like a clerical issue than flip flopping…


What an absurd comparison…To protest public actions that are clearly against the Catholic Church as well as against the innocent , is not “judging one’s soul”

those clamoring to justify Obama need to pray they are not being deceived…

What part of most pro-abortion record. He doesn’t even help the poor either, he never did in Chicago…he still doesn’t with Solyndra type crony capitalism…

That would have been okay but then he went on to say at the end:

“Regardless, it’s clear that the Obama stimulus did nothing to stimulate the economy, and now the President is asking to do it all over again.”

If the stimulus did nothing, did they return the funds?

You should read in complete sentences. He didn’t say the “stimulus did nothing.” He said the “stimulus did nothing to stimulate the economy.” The economy sure doesn’t look stimulated to me, but perhaps you see something I don’t.

As far as whether “they” returned the funds. Who is “they?” The entity that requested the funds? What does that have to do with Ryan?

It seems only fair that if you’re going to knock the stimulus in any way, why keep it? There were a lot of Republican governors that took the money as well, then proceeded to knock down the stimulus in not so many words. Don’t like the stimulus, give it back I say, and then proceed with the politicking.

Or perhaps Ryan didn’t think it was enough?

If we all spent more time in earnest prayer we could spend less time in unproductive politics!

Peace and all good.

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