President Barack Obama and CAF

Why do we not have a free and open discussion about the Obama Presidency and have at it.

What is more important? We must name names and put it out on the table and look at it for what it is or is not.

Nothing makes Satin ( the fallen angel one ) more happy than the ignorance of himself and his plans for mankind, and here we are on the premiere Catholic forum web site with the “no talk rule” in place on the biggest changes in the history of the human race here on Earth. Are they for better or worse? Lets talk.

Not the budget. Not the economy, because that are just symptoms of the cancer. The source of the disease is the moral theology of America in our politics. The festering purification of our disease is now leaking out of the bandages and infecting every part of American life. Even in our own Church.

Get out of the darkness and shed as much light on it as we can. Let everyone’s opinion be heard.

The place for that is the politics forum. And there are quite a few there already.

Seen the politics forum lately? ;):stuck_out_tongue:

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