President Donald J. Trump Recognizes National Catholic Schools Week



February 3, 2017

In recognition of National Catholic Schools Week, I want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to all of the dedicated Catholic school administrators, teachers, priests, and support organizations who work tirelessly to build and sustain quality Catholic schools across the Nation.
The theme of this year’s National Catholic Schools Week is “Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge, and Service.” I appreciate the many ways in which Catholic schools nurture devotion, impart wisdom, and minister to the 2 million students who enter their halls every day. and to the diverse communities they serve.

Congratulations for the tremendous work you have done to educate our Nation’s youth each and every day. Your continued and sustained efforts are vital to our success and prosperity as a country.




Refreshing like cleansing water






I hate to nitpick but shouldn’t it be ‘two million’?


Yes it is refreshing; I like your choice of words. :thumbsup:


Blessed be God.:knight1:




I am happy to give President Trump credit when due and this is certainly such a case.


Hoping and praying for more :slight_smile: like this. Imagining a line up of similar news topics.
Curmudgeons will be out of work looking for a new home.


If I were to nitpick with the statement, it would be because he left out parents who choose Catholic schools and pay for them despite already paying for public schools.


Thank you, Mr. President. :thumbsup:


“2 million” is consistent with AP style.


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