President Donald Trump signs executive order declaring prompt repeal of Obamacare to be official policy


President Donald Trump signs executive order declaring prompt repeal of Obamacare to be official policy


From what I understand, one part of this will prevent people from being fined for not signing up for health insurance. That is definitely a good thing and I agree with that part.


I think that it will be interesting to see what the outcome will be with all of this–with the changes in the healthcare system.


Political and economic suicide if there is not a viable replacement.


Without that, universal care isn’t possible.

So this will hurt a lot of people. And premiums are about to go up.


So just an order to repeal and still no details on the replacement. Figures.


I thought today’s order had to do with relieving the burden of the ACA such as not
being forced to pay the fine. This is the beginning, but not the full repeal yet–correct?


So how do you sign up healthy people to help spread the risk? Now the actuaries will have to recalculate the premiums which can only get higher. Or does Trump plan to jawbone the insurance companies into lowering premiums as well? That would be disastrous to those companies but what he care being the master of bankruptcies?


If we let the market work and get out of the way, the costs will drop.

The problem here is too many Americans want something for free or help their “friends” while someone else pays for it.

That’s what the GOP has to navigate.


Couldn’t we just have universal healthcare like they have in Europe and Canada?

I honestly don’t know ProVobis. But couldn’t we just have universal healthcare like they have in Canada and Europe?


Maybe a little. But much of the cost is unavoidable. The drop in cost will never be enough to make a hip replacement directly affordable to someone earning minimum wage.


Are those who dislike Obama Care going to drop their coverage? I wonder how many here on CAF are going to drop their coverage. I suspect no one will.


What year prior to Obama did the rates go down?


Not without the quality of the insurance also dropping and deductibles going higher.


Its really very basic. You remove the mandate and the minimum qualifications, allow health insurance companies to sell policies across state lines (every other form of insurance is allowed to do this; why not health insurance) and allow people to buy the policies that they want. More competition means lower prices and doctors and hospitals will be more accommodating. I don’t know how anyone could think that prices would go up when insurance companies would be allowed to participate across 50 states instead of 1.

Besides, the way Obamacare has been going with companies pulling out of the exchanges, decreasing competition and double & triple digit rises in premiums (Arizona’s rates went up an incredible 116%), the whole thing would eventually come crashing down. Remember that the chief architect of Obamacare was caught on video admitting that keeping cost down was never a priority. The idea was to force young people to pay for expensive policies that they don’t need in order to pay for the older people who require more. It didn’t take young people very long to realize that it was much cheaper to simply pay the penalty of a few hundred dollars than take on a policy that would cost thousands. You can’t have nice stuff by making other people pay for it.


That makes no sense. Few people would buy a policy for $1300 a month with a $12,000 deductible. Obamacare was designed to force people to pay dearly without insurance kicking in. If a person prefers a policy with minimum coverage for a very affordable price, who are you to criticize? More competition necessarily means lower prices.


Any insurance company can sell policies in all 50 states now. Always were able to. They just have to follow the laws of all 50 states. Just like they do with life insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, etc.

Unless, of course, you are talking about removing a state’s right to regulate the types of business allowed in their state??


Perhaps. But will health improve?


The repeal of Glass-Steagall let the free markets work. How did.that work out for the banking industry which decided to invest in things other than banking?

I’m all for free markets too, but I’m opposed to fraud. And we now have a master of fraud running the country.



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