President-elect Donald J. Trump will nominate Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary


Baloney. Kids are very smart, much smarter than most of us. They can figure out what the teacher and book want. I think the biggest problem most of us have with whatever our kids are studying is it makes us feel stupid.

Trust your children (grand children). Intelligence increases every generation. They are smarter than you . As Martha Stewart would say, ‘That’s a good thing’!!!


So I should tell my child baloney when they burst into tears doing math homework?

No thank you!


This ^ other than I didn’t attend Catholic schools and have no children to decide between public or private for them.


Or maybe get them a math tutor. My son somtimes cries when he has to study his grammar.


and this ^


Did you work with these kids to correct these problems? Had they decided in advance they could not learn math (my mom told me in second grade I could handle new math when I told her I was afraid of it).

Yes, memorizing is important. But daughter #2, my artist, managed to graduate from high school with a 3.96. She took AP math, went to UF,graduated Summa Cum Laude, and is now going for a Master’s in science ( Physician Assistant). She never did memorize the multiplication tables. I tried having her singing them, reciting them, writing them out, nothing worked. Yet, somehow, what I thought was her future in third grade did not translate to her grades in high school, college, or post-graduate.

Be careful that you put expectations onto your children and your grandchildren. They can and will learn. We need to put our pride aside and let them learn.


It’s my understanding that a classical liberal arts education exposes kids to far more literature, philosophy, and history than common core. As for common core Math, that’s actually one of the few things I’m more open about. I’m convinced on the importance of learning philosophical history though, and both the education I recieved (conventional) and Common Core wasn’t and don’t seem very promising on that.


Has it been proven that intelligence increases every generation? Societies advance along with technology. Some schools are better than other schools. Some schools districts are better than other school districts.
Is my 10 year old grandson smarter than me? I doubt it. Otherwise he wouldn’t need help with his homework. And he gets very frustrated doing his math. Hasn’t it also been proven that certain people are better, for example, at math and numbers than in reading or languages.
I remember how excited I would be growing up in the 50’s at the beginning of every school year when we would be handed our very own math books, language books,
science books and music books. We would write our names on the inside cover.
My grandson is in the 4th grade and has never brought home his own book on any subject. All he brings home are papers. I definitely think the quality of education has
decreased in public education.


I’m a teacher myself so of course I help my son at home. I also Tutor a bunch of other kids so I’m able to observe what they experience. It makes a huge difference when I just show my son, here is how you solve the problem–follow the pattern, remember the rules every time, with enough practice you’ll always get the answer right. I received my education in China where math instruction is a lot more vigorous than int the U.S. the amount of practice we receive is a lot more than here. Chinese kids are not allowed to use a calculator. Instruction is a lot more focused.


So a lady who sends her kids to private school will be the Secretary of Education? Somethings wrong here.

And no more teaching our kids about evolution- maybe through in some “intelligent design”.


Public schools, in most states, are funded on a per capita basis, usually some formula of average daily attendance. Funding follows the students. If a particular school loses students, regardless of the reason, they lose that funding . Vouchers, charter schools, etc do not change that reality. Good traditional public schools will keep students, and therefore their funding


There really isn’t anything wrong with CC math. Usually the problem is in how they are interpreted. Curriculum is far more important than standards. Schools that are using Singapore math or Saxon math will typically do a better job of math preparation than more progressive approaches like Pearson Investigations


The opereative word here is “good” public schools.


This is a terrible pick. She will do everything in her power to undermine the public school system in the US, because that’s her family history.

I am not blind to the problems public schools face, but the solution is surely not to abolish public education, a goal her family has worked tirelessly for.

She will also work to neuter what little power unions have left.


Actually, no – in many cases they haven’t. Look at where the US ranks educationally worldwide. I have many problems with common core but it isn’t “dumbing kids down.” Eliminating time in curriculum for things like Holocaust education? Yes. Moving reading skills to kindergarten from first grade? Yes. Focusing on critical reading skills rather than beginning with love of reading for reading’s sake? Yes. But “dumbing down”? No.


First, the federal government has no power to abolish public schools. Actually, the federal government has absolutely no condtitutional role in public education.


And that is what is wrong with public schools today IMO.


I only know what it does to the kids I know.


Well if they’re bursting into tears with just homework, I think there’s more a parenting issue than a math issue…


His selections are providing loads of ammo to the opposition, IMHO. Even some supporters are a bit leery.


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