President-elect Donald Trump named Sean Spicer his White House press secretary


President-elect Donald Trump announced the senior members of his White House communications staff on Thursday.

Transition aides Sean Spicer, Hope Hicks, Jason Miller and Dan Scavino will serve in the administration. Trump named Spicer his White House press secretary, while Hicks will serve as strategic communications director, Miller will serve as communications director, and Scavino will be social media director.


Trump names a Catholic who was mocked on Ash Wednesday to be his press secretary


I feel for this guy, he’s going to have a very tough job!


Sean Spicer on goals as the new White House press secretary

Incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told Fox News Thursday that President-elect Donald Trump would use social media as a “direct pipeline” to communicate with the American people.

Spicer, who was announced as press secretary earlier Thursday, told “The Kelly File” in an exclusive interview that Trump was unique among politicians because “he’s not having to put everything through the filter of the mainstream media.”

It is absolutely fascinating and it makes every day, every hour just unbelievable," Spicer told host Sandra Smith. “Because you know you’re having that conversation with the American people and they can have it back with him.”

Spicer said he believed the Trump administration would still hold daily press briefings, despite occasional suggestions otherwise. However, he left open the possibility that they would exist in a modified form.

Personally, I’d rather see a combative press conference than the US heading in the direction of a social media account that begins, 'today’s words from dear leader." The battle vs. biased media is part of the job of the oval office.


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