President-elect Trump on ‘lock her up’ chant: ‘Now we don’t care’

WASHINGTON — President-elect Donald Trump said Friday he doesn’t care about prosecuting Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, after attendees at his rally chanted “lock her up.”

After the chants started at the President-elect’s post-election “thank you” rally in Michigan, he responded, “That plays great before the election — now we don’t care, right?”

What do you expect? An apology from Trump? Let’s suppose he really did use the accusation as a cheap means of getting votes, and that he never intended to follow through. The election is over. Trump is going to have a hard time unwinding the anger that he stirred up. I would rather that he succeed in doing that than to have four years of riots in the streets, even if it did mean we could say “I told you so.” So if he is willing to sweep that ugly phase under the rug, I won’t stand in his way.

Oh I don’t expect an apology from Donald Trump on much of anything he said and did during the campaign. And I too am glad he is coming forth on this. It would be a bit refreshing for some of his followers to admit they were played on this. But I don’t expect that either.

Just the same, is it possible for President Obama to grant a conditional pardon? Trump could be pressured or out of spite decide to spend the money to bring to trial her and others; it’s not like he hasn’t done it before.

Well, if we are serious about law and order in this country, prosecuting something like that would be the call of the attorney general.

So if he is willing to sweep that ugly phase under the rug, I won’t stand in his way.

So in other words what happened in Benghazi and with grossly negligent behavior regarding national security isn’t a concern regardless of what the new administration does?

Quite obviously we have different views on the validity of the charges against her.

Incompetence is not necessarily a crime. There may be something with Benghazi criminal, but no-one has really uncovered a willful intent on her part to date. ‘Play to pay’ was torpedoed when she lost the election, can’t prosecute just for accepting contributions…which seem to have dried up BTW.

Prosecuting ‘just because’ seems like revenge, not justice. Let her sit in her fortress of solitude and contemplate what might have been…justice is served. Time to take the high road and move on.

Make America whole again!

what does he have to apologize for? people were angry with Hillary and didn’t want her in the White House! they didn’t need much stirring up. Trump offered an alternative to Hillary’s corruption. Hillary was unlikeable and not fit for Commander in Chief or running the country.
She was untrustworthy! believe me, the anger was there for Obama and Hillary before the primaries even started so please don’t accuse Trump of creating the anger.

You vastly underestimate the influence Trump had in this regard. He definitely shaped public opinion. And the beauty of his skill is that the people do not even realize they are being swayed.

I agree he has influenced a lot of people and millions of people now feel that they have someone with authority in Washington DC who represents them, finally.

It will be up to Trump to justify this trust.

“That played well before the election, but now we don’t care”. :eek:

We’ll need to wait and see on that one. To put it to bed properly, I think he case does deserve an independent reviews.

People shouldn’t be too surprised by this, but I’m sure many will be.

I’m hardly Mr. Trump’s biggest fan, but frankly I think he often doesn’t get enough credit for his intelligence.

It’s Mirror time!

First the democrats have to dismiss her, and the longer they keep her in the high ranks the better for republicans. The 80% of the people who said in the preelectoral polls that the country is headed in the wrong direction will become republicans. Plus the republicans will modify the electoral law such no illegal immigrant will be able to vote. The democrats will kiss goodby the political power for a long time.
Democrats are still trying to force a constitutional crisis which can end in civil war and this is the worst that can happen. But people support for the democrats (not the paid by zSoros protesters) and Clinton is growing thinner with every day.

She is not off the hook there is no place she can go!

Oh, but they do. Just listen to anyone who isn’t a die-hard Pepe meme generator.

Ben Sharpiro, Andrew Klavan, Steven Crowder----the list goes on and on. People knew what they were getting when they voted for Trump even if they (in Shapiro’s case) didn’t pull the lever for him.

The difference between the right and the left is the left is FAR more willing to believe whatever their politicians promise and then can’t believe when they don’t deliver and have a Rolodex of excuses ready-made that it’s anything but them and their ideas that failed.

What is the origin of the belief that they have the ability to vote?

Too bad she doesn’t have $25 million so that the matter may be set to rest.

Democratic opposition to voter ID laws.

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