President forges new Islam -Catholicism bond for which they are thankful?

This is a take on the presdent’s recent speech which I had not considered. And I was uncertain that Catholic Chairties funded his foray in Chicago as a ‘community organizer’.

This is very interesting.

"The political experts will decide if President Obama’s speech at the University of Cairo on June 4 was a factor in the unexpected electoral defeat of Hezbollah in Lebanon’s elections on June 7. But while the international effects may be murky, a clear and immediate result of the Cairo speech is its impact on Muslims living in the U.S. Pride about praise of one’s religious traditions from political leaders often adds votes and voices within U.S. society. Catholic America should know: this was part of our past journey to inclusion.

But more than a touchy-feely sort of thing is the likelihood that the Cairo speech will produce greater support for socialized health care and an end to Israeli settlements. Those Catholics in America who agree with the bishops and the pope have long supported a universal health care plan and a two-state solution for Palestine and Israel. With the President’s speech, Muslims in the U.S. have been invited to make an alliance with Catholics.

“It was the Catholic-funded CHD grant to a Chicago neighborhood, after all, that brought Obama to Chicago and gave him a room in a Catholic rectory.

I wasn’t aware of it either, but an Associated Press story from last fall made a similar remark:

After graduating from Columbia University, Obama got a dull financial-services job in New York City but soon quit and searched for a community organizing job. Eventually, he got a one-of-a-kind offer: Move to a strange city, earn next-to-nothing and help people in run-down neighborhoods tackle their problems.

The offer came from Kellman, head of Chicago’s Developing Communities Project, a one-man organization funded by an arm of the Catholic Church and overseen by a coalition of black churches.

Kellman wanted Obama to get to know the people and problems of the largely black South Side and then take over as the project’s sole employee. When he arrived in 1985, Obama was paid just over $10,000 plus enough money to buy a beat-up Honda.

At times, Obama’s goals were as small as getting a specific pothole repaired. It was a victory just to get administrators to tour the area’s dilapidated parks and see for themselves that the sandboxes were littered with broken glass and the tennis courts lacked nets.

Other projects included trying to bring summer jobs to the area or get asbestos removed from a housing complex.

Obama’s job was to explain to local residents how to research their problems, contact political officials and answer reporters’ questions. He figured out who the community leaders were and tried to get them to join forces.

Kellman said Obama stepped into a world of turf battles and jealousy, as aldermen, ministers and community activists resisted anything that might reduce their authority. Some people – Kellman called them “bad-mouthing, rumor-mongering scum” – whispered that Obama was a puppet of his Jewish boss or of the Catholic Church.

But…erm… I think there will be some strong disagreement with this statement in the article you mentioned:

Those Catholics in America who agree with the bishops and the pope have long supported a universal health care plan

Yes, I thought that quote was kind of edgy. But, it was in the Post …

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