President h.w. bush burial seemed like a "father knows best" Christian show


President h w bush burial seemed like a father knows best Christian show.

It made American seem righteousness


It’s hard for me to think about him without thinking about this episode of The Simpsons (Ironically, this is from when the Simpsons relied less on political “humour”.)


Some pundit was saying that America came together like it use to.


Most importantly a living example of what being subordinate to the office means. He knew, and this unfortunately is less the belief today, that holding a political office meant respecting the integrity of the office rather than short term gains. I think is says a lot that Carter, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43 and Obama consulted each other and formed bonds of friendship that went beyond campaign mud slinging and ideology. Our former Presidents live out the American Experiment in ways that seem to defy the county’s current disposition. This is something we should be proud of and realize as being extremely rare among other countries.


Which is also what they were saying during McCain’s funeral. Basically, we need daily deaths of politicians to keep America united.


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