President Maduro Airs Video of American Detained in Venezuela Plot

Some might find this interesting and I’m still finding out about this whole matter myself, it happened only days ago but one of those caught may have worked for a security firm that did security at one (Charlotte) or two rallies for President Trump. See it referred to in the below article with picture:

(David Maxwell, a fellow at FDD, Foundation for Developing Democracies) often posts stories that everyone can read. There is indeed, a picture of this Goodreau fellow at a rally providing security in the above article.

Goodreau worked or works for Silvercorp. Silvercorp is also the name of a metals company. I’m not sure if it is one and the same. A lot of reading to do on this, enough research for a PhD.

If one searches further on Silvercorps, they apparently have interests in South America.

I have been following the story and found the timing interesting with everyone
distracted by the pandemic right now. Not sure who planned this or when, but
it is not good they got caught. At least no one was hurt I don’t think.

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