President Maduro to Venezuelans: Turn Off Hairdryers

Faced with a worsening energy crisis, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has asked women to save electricity by not using appliances. Not even hair dryers.

During the program Con el Mazo Dando “The Hammer,” led by congressman Diosdado Cabello, Maduro explained his rationing plan to save energy across the country.

“During this 60-days period the hairdryer should have minimum use. Do you think you can do it, women? The clothes dryer and the hairdryer are high energy-consumers. The iron too. We must raise awareness about this,” he said.

I don’t own a hair-dryer. But I do need a dryer for my cloth diapers. :wink: Helps kill bacteria.

I’m just soooooo green. :rolleyes:

And by my cloth diapers, I mean my son’s. Just in case there’s confusion.

This in a country that is normally more than energy self sufficient.

When will the people see sense and give these incompetents the boot?


Yes, Venezuela is rich in oil and natural gas. It is the last country that should have any energy shortage. State socialism can destroy anything.

Socialism/governments always fail from within. I’d like to tell Bernie that, but he seems like such a nice guy. We should learn from that. I’d like to tell Trump that social extremism is not very astute, but he has such nice hair. I’d love to tell Hillery that it’s hard to straddle the fence without getting a few saddle sores, but she has such a nice “reset buttons” to share with every one. I’d like to sell my hare dryer and cloth dryer, but then my hair would stick straight up and my cloths would be wet. I would like to say that I really don’t believe in abortion, but I am pretty sure this post will be aborted…sigh. The world is just too complex for me…sigh.

They also require all major businesses and industry to supply their own power for 9 hrs per day. That’s a whole bunch of generators burning gasoline.

I assume air con is also not allowed.

It’s not shocking that another socialist country is failing.

It is surprising that more people want to copy them and are trying to vote in Sanders.

“If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there’d be a shortage of sand.” - Milton Friedman

Venezuela is having economic problems far beyond an energy shortage:

Venezuela’s two main cellphone service providers are suspending long distance calling as the South American country struggles to pay its bills.

Currency rationing is increasingly cutting Venezuela’s global trade. Many airline companies have abandoned the country, and mail delivery is also limited.

Not to worry. Bernie’s socialism is a different kind of socialism… or something like that.

Hillary wouldn’t be a whole lot better and the next eight years look to be Hillarious, so prepare to laugh hard!

Certainly Bernie is not calling for the government to own the means of production. He is more along the lines of a bigger government liberal.

Though he does call himself a socialist.

This is the price of socialism. It fails.

Someone better tell the dude who’s defending Venezuela on the Heritage Foundation threads on facebook not to get his hair wet…:wink:

Utopia, where come! :jrbirdman:

I don’t do Facebook. It is IMNAAHO a plot from Hades.

I have however, lived in Venezuela, back in what now seem the good old days (late 1900s).

We should all pray that the current leadership get the boot soon so that prosperity and freedom can return there.

PS, full socialism does not exist, any more than full capitalism. All economics use some of both.


Yes, and yet some places are better off than others. The reasons why are painstakingly clear.

That is not true, please stop perpetuating this fallacy. It is frustrating. They are entirely different economic systems/modes of production. You would not say that every economy has a bit of feudalism and a bit of capitalism. Socialism is the negation of capitalism, the end of private property, the democratic workers’ control of the means of production. They cannot co-exist.

Before dryers, there was fresh air and sunshine. :stuck_out_tongue:

I KNEW it!

For all their bluster … Socialists have their own “War on Women”!

Clip, file, alert the non-Socialist candidates (if you can find one). :wink:

The Women’s vote may be in play more than some would suspect.

Paste a :sad_yes: if you have EVER been told …


touch my HAIR!

… with sudden, vehement, and over-the-top attitude (at any time).

:sad_yes: - I have.

Lol. It was also before HOA bylaws. Though not before Colorado wind. Some days the wind is my hair-styler. I should be in a Subaru commercial.

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