President Obama appears on Zach Galifianackis' "Between Two Ferns"


Zach pulls no punches in this hard hitting interview. :slight_smile:


More like a publicity stunt to attract young people to sign up for Obamacare:


Good one.


North Ikea.

That made it worth it. :smiley:


A more impressive move would be to travel to Crimea and declare, “Mister Putin, withdraw these troops!”


That’s what politicians do. :frowning:


By your definition, every time a politician appears on tv it’s a publicity stunt. Of course he wants young people to sign up. :rolleyes:


I feel sorry for the President. Campainging is all he is good at, and his job has term limits. How will he fill his time after Jan 20 2017?


I think the actual beef some people have (or should have, imo) is that it’s not necessarily in these young folks’ best interests to get their own insurance. In many cases, they can either stay on their parents’ plan, and in others, pay a small penalty. Sorry, tax. (Except it’s not a tax, according to the administration.) The penalty is a lot lower than the premiums in 2014, and most 20-somethings don’t have an extra couple hundred dollars a month to pay premiums just lying around.

An honest, principled argument would go something like this: “We need you to pay higher premiums into this system to help pay for folks who can’t. It’s a lot to ask of you, but it’s worth it. You’ll be doing a good for your fellow Americans.”

But you’re not going to hear that though. Even though it is the real explanation… they’ve decided that it doesn’t sell. So… back to pandering to young folks with relevant comedians and faux-self-mocking rap videos with Obama impersonators.


Wow, good thing Obama has not one other pressing matter to deal with.

I mean, I’m really scratching my head and I can’t think of a single geopolitical or economic issue better deserving of a POTUS’s time than

Not one.

AIn’t that weird?


It was pretty funny… The haters are just upset that they didn’t get an invite to do the same.
(Bill O’Reilly)



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