President Obama congratulates Rams draftee Sam

President Barack Obama sends his congratulations to Michael Sam, the first openly gay player drafted by an NFL team.
Obama calls the selection of Sam “an important step forward.”
Obama says that from the playing field to the corporate boardroom, gay and lesbian Americans, quote, “prove every day that you should be judged by what you do and not who you are.”

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I think since the President believes people should be judged by what they do, that all the other 255 some odd draft picks should expect a personal phone call. I also trust that this story is false because the President would not make any special comment about Sam since he only judges Sam based on on-field performance.

I fail to understand why this is news. We all knew he was gay when he came out and we all knew he was going to be a draft pick for a pro team. So the President called him…big whoop.

He was drafted at the end, yet the mainstream media was all over every angle of this story this weekend. They also made a big deal about one player (out of 1500+ NFL players out there) tweeting “Horrible” in response to his kissing his boyfriend. Not that I agree that tweeting “horrible” is a great response, however sodomy is sinful and offensive to the Judeo-Christian (and Muslim) traditions and yet the media response is essentially that lack of acceptance of it = hate.

By claiming that this is proof of increased equality, the occupant of the Oval Office is making it clear that this player is NOT going to be treated equally. Just as with his racism, Obama is judging this man not by the content of his character, but who he decides to be intimate with. Most divisive ‘president’ ever.

And this is a HUGE problem for me. So, we can’t report on serious issues but we can spend days on a gay guy getting drafted to play a game for millions of dollars? URGH! WHO CARES?!?!? I don’t care what other consenting adults are doing to and with each other. I’m worrying about me and my husband.

Don’t forget those who were evaluated as possibly possessing either more skill; talent or potential who were NOT drafted.
(On the NFL site --Sam is listed on page 12)

Here’s a list of players not picked with a higher grade than the guy who gets the phone call due to on field performance?

**5.50-5.99 Chance to become NFL starter **

Richardson, Antonio OT 6’6" 336 Tennessee 5.6
Johnson, Anthony DT 6’2" 308 LSU 5.5
Coleman, Deandre DT 6’5" 314 California 5.5

5.20-5.49 NFL backup or special teams potential

Reynolds, Rashaad CB 5’10" 189 Oregon St. 5.4
Jones, Christian ILB 6’3" 240 Florida St. 5.4
Hubbard, Adrian OLB 6’6" 257 Alabama 5.4
Roberson, Marcus CB 6’0" 191 Florida 5.3
Lyerla, Colt TE 6’4" 242 Oregon 5.3
Loston, Craig SS 5’11" 217 LSU 5.3
Gayle, James DE 6’4" 259 Virginia Tech 5.3
Skov, Shayne ILB 6’2" 245 Stanford 5.3
Jones, Howard DE 6’2" 235 Shepherd 5.3
Coleman, Brandon WR 6’6" 225 Rutgers 5.3
Colter, Kain WR 5’10" 198 Northwestern 5.2
Larsen, Tyler C 6’4" 313 Utah St. 5.2
Bullough, Max ILB 6’3" 249 Michigan St. 5.2
Harrison, Jonotthan C 6’3" 304 Florida 5.2
Patton, Solomon WR 5’8" 179 Florida 5.2
Leonard, A.C. TE 6’2" 252 Tennessee St. 5.2
Ikard, Gabe C 6’4" 304 Oklahoma 5.2
Ducre, Gregory CB 5’10" 184 Washington 5.2
Barrett, Shaquil OLB 6’1" 260 Colorado St. 5.2
Jensen, Marcel TE 6’6" 259 Fresno St. 5.2
Andrews, Antonio RB 5’10" 225 Western Kentucky 5.2
Denham, Anthony TE 6’4" 235 Utah 5.2
Steen, Anthony OG 6’3" 314 Alabama 5.2
Burton, Trey TE 6’2" 224 Florida 5.2
Perkins, LaDarius RB 5’7" 195 Mississippi St. 5.2
Hampton, Victor CB 5’9" 197 South Carolina 5.2
Davis, Mike WR 6’0" 197 Texas 5.2
Palepoi, Tenny DT 6’1" 298 Utah 5.2
Jeffcoat, Jackson DE 6’3" 247 Texas 5.2
Fluellen, David RB 5’11" 224 Toledo 5.2
Westbrooks, Ethan DE 6’3" 267 West Texas A&M 5.2
Morris, Stephen QB 6’2" 213 Miami 5.2
Quarles, Kelcy DT 6’4" 297 South Carolina 5.2
Baker, James RB 6’0" 237 Idaho 5.2
Patchan, Matt OT 6’6" 302 Boston College 5.2
Mathews, Jeff QB 6’4" 223 Cornell 5.2
Fowler, Bennie WR 6’1" 217 Michigan St. 5.2
Gaston, Bruce DT 6’2" 316 Purdue 5.2

5.01-5.19 Better than avg chance to make NFL roster

Jordan, Reggie TE 6’3" 240 Missouri Western 5.1
Lewis, Isaiah SS 5’10" 211 Michigan St. 5.1
Neal, Rajion RB 5’11" 220 Tennessee 5.1
Morris, James ILB 6’1" 241 Iowa 5.1
Crowell, Isaiah RB 5’11" 224 Alabama St. 5.1
Lucas, Luke OT 6’8" 316 Kansas St. 5.1
Johnson, Derrell OLB 6’1" 248 East Carolina 5.1
Merrell, Jamil DE 6’4" 252 Rutgers 5.1
Darby, Alden FS 5’10" 192 Arizona State 5.1
Washington, L’Damian WR 6’4" 195 Missouri 5.1
Washington, Todd CB 5’11" 196 So Louisiana 5.1
Burse, Isaiah WR 5’10" 188 Fresno St. 5.1
Armstrong, Matt C 6’2" 302 Grand Valley St. 5.1
Shaw, Connor QB 6’0" 206 South Carolina 5.1
Wentworth, Austin OG 6’4" 315 Fresno St. 5.1
Snead, Willie WR 5’11" 195 Ball St. 5.1
Van Der Kamp, Kirby P 6’4" 202 Iowa St. 5.1
Chancellor, Brelan WR 5’9" 188 North Texas 5.1
Norwell, Andrew OG 6’6" 315 Ohio St. 5.1
Hurns, Allen WR 6’1" 198 Miami 5.1
Grosz, Sullivan DT 6’3" 295 Cal Poly 5.1
Edebali, Kasim DE 6’2" 253 Boston College 5.1
Davis, Chris CB 5’10" 202 Auburn 5.1
Belue, Deion CB 5’11" 182 Alabama 5.1
Slaughter, Nathan WR 5’9" 184 W Texas A&M 5.1

Journalism is a bit of a joke these days. I humbly suggest as a decent source. Prayers offered for you and your husband.

How bizarre-a seventh round pick gets a call from the President??? And this man was elected twice? Would he have been as concerned about Ambassador Stephens as he is about the sexual behavior of a 7th round pick.

More to the point it is another example about how the culture of death and immorality has permeated our culture.

Ir is the mirror of Tim Tebow. Again we have a great college football player who the pro scouts doubt can have as great success when everyone, not just two players a year can match his talent. This time gay activists claim he was drafted so low because he is openly gay rather then for a NFL player at his positions he is smaller and slower.

Fred Dryer made it in the 70s when nobody made claims of bigotry. We will see what happens if this young man is cut or sits on the bench

If this is true, the President literally did the most divisive thing possible by calling him solely because he is gay. All this talk about not letting sexuality define who we are, and then he singles him out because of his sexuality? It never ceases to amaze me.

The emperor couldn’t be more naked…

In related news, after Sam posted pictures of himself kissing his male partner, a player from the Miami Dolphins tweeted “OMG” and “horrible” in response to the picture. The Dolphins fined and suspended that player and sent him to sensitivity training. No joke. USA Today story.

Welcome to the “Brave New World”. Sensitivity training for reacting the same way 90% of Americans probably did to the picture.

I think it’s being used as ‘shock therapy.’ The photo of him kissing his partner indeed shocked a whole lot of people who in a little while will become acclimated to such shows of affection. There are a lot of prejudices toward gay people, which is about to change.

LOVE! :heart:

It would be a nice touch if Sam was invited into the Rose Garden and given a 21 gun salute! He has already garnered more attention from Obama than our military heroes, so he must be REALLY special. :smiley:

Yes, once we have accepted that there is nothing “shocking” about displays of disordered affection everything will be ok, because right and wrong are determined by popular opinion.

Oh Please.

So you believe the Church is wrong about the sinfulness of such behavior? Should I, as a devout catholic, be comfortable with all public displays of grievous sin or just those by homosexuals.

See in todays bizzarro world its the reaction to the behavior that’s wrong-not the behavior. As I said we have indeed entered the “Brave new World”. and lots of Catholics will not only acquiesce to the degeneration of our society but will actually support and applaud it.

And of course Sam will have to make the team or there will be hell to pay. and if he misses a tackle the opposing runner will have to take sensitivity training for causing Sam to look bad.

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