President Obama edges out president-elect Trump in "most admired man" poll


From CBS News today, President Obama edges out president-elect Trump in “most admired man” poll:

President Obama is the most admired man in America, according to a Gallup poll released Wednesday.

President-elect Donald Trump came in second in the poll, which Gallup has conducted every year since 1946. Fifteen percent of respondents selected him as the most admired man, versus 22 percent for Mr. Obama.

The poll was released as Mr. Obama and Mr. Trump engage in a spirited war-of-words. Mr. Obama recently said that he would have beaten Mr. Trump had he been allowed to run a third time, an argument Mr. Trump disputes.

The sitting president typically wins the poll each year. The only presidents-elect to win the poll were Dwight Eisenhower in 1952 and Mr. Obama in 2008.


According to all these polls, hillary Clinton won the election by a landslide. :smiley:


If only about 80,000 people in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan had voted for Clinton instead, she would indeed have won in a landslide winning not only the electoral college vote but also winning the popular vote by almost 3 million people. Mr. Trump’s win was a very narrow one in the electoral college and is mostly due to good luck. Mr. Trump certainly didn’t win in a landslide.




The sitting president typically wins the poll each year.


True, but to listen to a lot of people here in CAF, Obama is probably one of the worst and most unpopular presidents in American history…


The real shocker is, how did trump get in as number two? Isn’t he leader of the deplorables? :smiley:


I think Obama was OK as a president. Weak internationally, did an awful job with Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia, Russia and with the South China Sea. Domestically he did what social liberals do and kept the economy at a low simmer. I think he will go down in history as ‘the first black president’ and if his health care program stays around in some form, as the president that put that in place. Not sore what else he will be known for. He could have done a lot worse - he could have done a lot more. He was no FDR, but he was no James Buchanan either.

Trump is similar to Andrew Jackson someone who is an outsider who is despised by the Washington DC elite. His presidency can go in any direction from here. It will be interesting to watch.


Obama certainly didn’t do any worse with Iraq and Afghanistan than George W. Bush. The poor outcome in both those countries could possibly have been avoided if so many mistakes hadn’t been made in the early years of the US occupations under George Bush. By the time Obama became president, I don’t think that the US could have done much to change the course of events there.

If you want to read an excellent account of what was going on in Iraq and Afghanistan by a first rate reporter who was living and reporting in Iraq and Afghanistan for many years after 9/11 and had been reporting from there even earlier, try reading the new book by the Irishman Patrick Cockburn, *The Age of Jihad: Islamic State and the Great War for the Middle East *(London: Verso, 2016).


So then probably just a lot of deplorables voted. :shrug:


But she didn’t.


Well, the NATIONAL polls were right after all, no?


Yeah and if only I were about four inches taller,I could have been a runway model:p


Hopefully we don’t resume those same policies that drove us to two unfunded wars and a housing and banking collapses of the deepest proportions.


No worries there the political house has been somewhat swept no more Barney Franks,Maxine Waters,Chris Dodd to screw things up royally:thumbsup:


I thought maybe they all moved to California. :slight_smile:




If Donald Trump came in second in the “most admired man” poll, then whoever came in first, including Pres. Obama, would not have achieved a great victory. I suppose the name recognition of both men contributed somewhat to their ranking in the poll.


Easy: many of the “deplorables” voted in the poll.


It was not narrow a win in the electoral college! It was more than a few votes!

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