President Obama is coming to Cuba today. So why are so many Cubans leaving?


Washington Post:

President Obama is coming to Cuba today. So why are so many Cubans leaving?

For one young couple in Havana, improving relations between the U.S. and Cuba weren’t a sign of hope, but a signal to get out.
In January, Leonid Castro used fake papers to travel to Mexico and then the U.S. border, where he asked for political asylum. A few months from now, his wife plans to join him.
They are a part of a movement of tens of thousands of Cubans who are fleeing the island even as it undergoes an unprecedented opening — a shift crystallized by President Obama’s historic visit to Havana on Sunday. Cuba is opening the door to more private enterprise and expects lots of new money flowing to the island as Obama eases travel and business restrictions. Yet more than 95,000 Cubans have left for the U.S. since 2014 — and more are on their way.

“They say things are changing, but it’s not changing for those on the bottom,” said Castro, who earned $25 a month as a cigar roller in a government factory in Havana; he now makes $8 an hour handing out fliers to tourists on the Las Vegas Strip. “I know that in America if I work, I can win.”
Castro, 30, is one of many Cubans who fear that warming relations with the U.S. may spell an end to the special status that allows Cubans to live and work legally in America if they can manage to reach U.S. soil. Instead of staying to see how the new Cuba plays out, Castro elected to make a move while immigration laws are still in his favor.


Cubans are still trying to get out. But the political prisoners won’t be leaving. Maybe our president could visit them.


It’s not North Korea by any stretch but it’s a pretty bad place for human rights, living conditions and so on.


It isn’t rocket science.

Right now, Cubans are welcomed in the USA. But our relations with their government are changing. They’ve got radio; they hear all the vitriol spewed by our politicians about immigration. So they want to get through before the door slams on them.



A genuine positive that grew out of increasing prices for Cubans was their shift to organic agriculture and what they can teach the world.
Perhaps there is a real sense that things are going to greatly change and not oh so for the better :frowning:


Organic cannot feed the world. Like it or not, chemistry is here to stay.



A genuine positive? That there’s no development?

More like they do that or starve since the communist government is so ineffective and corrupt.

And to be honest, as someone who works in agriculture, no there’s not much they could teach us, because we have R-1 universities conducting research on it and writing about it fairly substantially.

But that isn’t even the point, because as I said, it’s a subsistence form of living, not an idealistic choice.

I very much doubt changes will be for the better. The Castro regime will probably split the money between themselves and persecuting dissidents. While our liberal politicians in DC are running around feeling good inside, Cuban freedom activists will be cut down.


Slams shut? No. A lot of plans call for LEGAL immigration.



Of course, we can’t blame the Castros for the flood of immigrants coming through! :rolleyes:

Oh, gee; nor are we going to hear how Mexico treats Cuban immigrants! :rolleyes:

Cuban refugees used to take a cheap shot at US politicians, simply amazing. Let alone, they are automatically accepted.


Nigerian agents arrest 4 Mexicans allegedly helping build meth 'super lab’

The four Mexicans apparently wanted to be pioneers of sorts. But they were breaking the law in a big way, Nigerian officials say, to achieve that distinction.

Nigerian drug agents say they have arrested four Mexicans who were helping to build a methamphetamine “super lab.” It is believed to have had the potential to rake in billions of dollars, the nation’s National Drug Law Enforcement Agency said Monday.

How dare the Nigerian authorities arrest these fellows, don’t they know, they are just doing this for a better life? :rolleyes:


Maybe because we have true religious freedom here?

And this is why I refuse to eat non organic:


Cuba arrests dozens of human rights protesters before Obama’s arrival.


:thumbsup: and certainly some of us here remember when food was just food, no such thing as toxic, no word labeling it organic. Food was just food. :wink:


Is the organic farming though just another showpiece like their health system?

Meaning, it may not be very widespread or developed, just something to look at.



Why Cuban cab drivers earn more than doctors


Statistics show that their health care is very good all across the nation. World Health Organization statistics show this. Unless, of course, the United Nations is also involved in this grand socialist conspiracy. :rolleyes:

Cuba has a better IMR than the US, for example. That’s no easy feat for a country like Cuba. Even the CIA admit it to be true.


That would be a hilarious video if the effects of a government run economy on the people were not so sad.


Cuba is one of the leaders in abortion in the world, so that is pretty horrible, a top 5 nation, so that might play into the stats one cites.

Cuba, has its tourist industry and it has it’s hospital tourist industry; people like Maradona went there for treatment, so too, the famous cyclist Pantani; but for the average persons, it does not appear very good.

Therealcuba website addresses this issue.

Under the Cuban government’s health care monopoly, the state assumes complete control. Private, non-governmental health facilities, where ailing citizens could buy treatment, are illegal.7 As a result, average Cubans suffer long waits at government hospitals, while many services and technologies are available only to the Cuban party elite and foreign “health tourists” who pay with hard currency. Moreover, access to such rudimentary medicines as antibiotics and Aspirin can be limited, and there are reports that citizens excluded from the foreign-only hospitals often must bring their own bed sheets and blankets while in care.8

Despite the reality, Cuba’s universal health system continues to be glorified. “Defenders of Cuba’s communist government cite universal health care and education as ‘gains of the revolution,’ claiming the average Cuban is far better off today than under the dictatorship of Fulgencia Batista,” wrote Tom Carter of the Washington Times.9 Moreover, “The health care system is often touted by many analysts as one of the Castro government’s greatest achievements,” says an updated 2002 State Department report, which rejects the notion that Cuba’s health conditions have significantly improved for most Cuban citizens since 1958.10

They do do well in propaganda, if it is so great there, why are there people risking life to go over the seas to escape?


The Infant Mortality Rate in Cuba is recorded in a different way than in the USA; that’s the possible difference, I’ve read that before.


Abortion is an important service for those who are poorer. There’s nothing shameful about that. This seems to contradict your own argument, as well. Cuba is apparently an Orwellian nightmare where good healthcare is only available to members of the Inner Party, but at the same time vital women’s health services are readily available. Few countries in Latin America have abortion available to women as Cuba does.

Statistics show that the Cuban population seems to be doing remarkably well for such a poor country, rivaling even the USA. No amount of anti-socialist propaganda will change that fact. IMR is less than that of the USA, life expectancy is similar to that of the USA, etc. Check it out for yourself. USA. Cuba. The only thing that seems to be significantly worse is maternal mortality rate. This isn’t a rich country and they don’t have as much money to spend on healthcare as the US does, so I’m sure it isn’t as cushy, but what they’ve accomplished is fantastic. It really shows the strength of the socialist system. If a country like Cuba can achieve this under socialism, imagine what a country with a developed economy like the USA could achieve.

I never said they weren’t oppressive. Their political system is to be condemned, sure, but they are proof that there is a lot of strength to a socialist economy.

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