President Obama issues statement for end of Ramadan [CC]

President Barack Obama has issued a statement commemorating Eid al-Fitr, the conclusion of the month of Ramadan."For millions of Muslims, the morning of Eid is marked with the call to …


That was a nice statement, but he forgot to mention acts of terrorism such as suicide bombings, beheadings, and shootings which result in great losses of innocent lives. What about the kidnappings?

During his Easter address we Christians had to listen to President Obama criticize us for not being loving. Let’s not forget the National Prayer Breakfast when he told us not to get on our high horses.

You’re talking about a man who in Cairo quoted Surah 5:32 but conveniently left out verse 33.

Celebrating a Mohammedan holiday like that is not necessary, especially in the wake of the shootings. Kyrie, eleison.

But maybe more so because of the shootings. Honoring a holy time across the table, as it were, diffuses the tensions. For the millions of Muslims who are celebrating a month of fasting and spiritual blessings, it seems to me to make a difference that our Christian leader sends good wishes.

Plus, messages from POTUS at the beginning and end of Ramadan goes back to President Bush’s day. It would be wrong NOT to speak of it.

Our President has difficulty using the term “Islamic terrorism.”

He refers to terrorist attacks in the United States as “workplace violence,” “lone wolf incidents,” etc. Perhaps he is afraid of offending the terrorist murderers? I honestly haven’t figured out why this administration is so reluctant to call it what it is.

To me, it is the good honest Muslims who should be the first to loudly denounce terrorist attacks, and encourage Obama to “tell it like it is.”

That is exactly what the Muslim congregation and its leaders did with regard to the current terrorist attack which killed four marines and critically injured one other in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Yes, I was happy to hear that on the news. I hope we see a lot more of that!

Muslim holiday, Muslims worship God not Mohammad.

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