President Obama: Opponent of Catholicism?

I’ve been very sad the last few weeks, because I am convinced that barring a miracle, Pres. Obama will win re-election.

I’m thinking that rather than trying to persuade people to vote for Gov. Romney, it would be more useful for the conservative journalists and clergy to talk to us about how we will live under a second term of Pres. Obama. My husband and I are trying to think about strategies for our lifestyle and our Catholicism, based on what we think will happen under a second Obama Administration.

I’m trying not to be afraid and keep my eyes on Jesus rather than the storm all around me. But I’ll admit that I’m afraid and very sad. I just hope that I’m being needlessly dramatic, and that all of the conservatives, including Msgr. Barr in his article above, are wrong. But I don’t think they’re wrong. :frowning:

I think we need to do as many things as we can think to do.

Pray, yes. Fervently.

Vote against Obama.

Ensure that one’s children clearly understand what is going on and what today’s Democrat party really is, and particularly Obama.

Pay down debt. Avoid debt. Cut back on consumer spending.

Realize and understand that the Church is going to come under more attack and more serious attack. Immunize one’s mind against it. They will be very persuasive.

**I agree with the OP and I too am scared. This all seems to be part of our sinful life - however instead of a individual scale it is on a national scale.

In my life God has allowed some very awful situations to enter. I wonder if this is the same - only on a larger scale. I have to trust that whatever will happen - God will bring a greater good out of the mess. He has been faithful to me - I have to trust He will be more faithful to our country. After all - we were founded on Him.

In the end - my knees are the only posture.**

Be not afraid, or sad:

You shall cross the barren desert, but you shall not die of thirst.
You shall wander far in safety though you do not know the way.
You shall speak your words in foreign lands and all will understand.
You shall see the face of God and live.

Be not afraid.
I go before you always.
Come follow me, and
I will give you rest.

Interesting, I think paying down debt is really important too and it is going to be huge for Catholics in this country to be in control of as much as they can with their finances.

It is important for the Church - indeed for all Christians to recognize that we are moving out of the period of “Christendom”. The “secular”, the "scientific, the “non-theistic” will hold sway more and more.
Is this a bad thing? For many yes it is…For the weak will be drawn away into the ways of the world.
Yet for the Kingdom of God, there is opportunity, for we can no longer be comfortable in a society that is fundamentally “faith based” and “faith friendly”. We can no longer “dose” our way through life secure in our religious freedoms and economic comforts.
Now the Church - All churches - will have to truly evangelize internally as well as externally. They will have to fight fight the war, already started, for hearts and not legislation for truly, just as “works” are a product of “faith”, so legislation is the product of changed hearts.

It is a fearful prospect. I too am fearful, for I do not know my strength. I can do little more than place my trust in the Lord, vote my conscience, hold to my faith…

May God have mercy on this tired old world and shorten the time of our trials.


I, too, have been a little crazy for the last few weeks and can’t wait for it to be over. I have been devoting most of my prayers to this election and started the Novena on September 29th. I have friends in other countries who are praying for us.

I have to trust that all will be well.

There is no reason to fear one man. And no one walking on Earth is able to judge any man. But boy is being non-judgemental tough. I strive for it. This planet has been in far more troubled times than exist today. Soothe someone’s pain. Slake someone’s thirst. Love each and everyone. It will change your life and those around you. Love is the only thing that matters.


The author of that article has brought about the attention from you that the author wished. It is pure propaganda. Look instead at the truth. For me, I’m more afraid how we will live under the first term of potential Pres. Romney. What that would mean to our free ability to worship and everything that makes us Christians, and allows us to worship as Christians.

On a different related subject There are many articles that the Republicans will turn around the Supreme court etc…again look at the Truth:. If it is true that the Supreme court is irreligious, then who was that that attended Mass this week?

With me it’s all so very basic. Sister Patrick (whom I hated in the 6th grade) once said the best prayer is to offer your day to God. I jumped on that because it was better than saying a rosary. Later though, it became far more difficult because it meant my day had to count for something. Matt. 25.31-46. There’s the rub. Strive for that!! I’m working on it right now.

That is my spirituality. And it is a work in progress.

I don’t understand this post.

What threat is Gov. Romney to freedom of religion? Could you please explain?

And why is Msgr. Barr’s article “pure propaganda?” I live in Illinois, in Msgr. Barr’s city. He is an exemplary priest.

It is a fact, not propaganda, that as a State Senator here in Illinois, Barack Obama voted against the Born Alive Act, even though every other Senator, including the Democrat Senators, voted to protect infants born alive.

It is a fact that Barack Obama has never supported any pro-life legislation.

It is a fact that Pres. Obama said one thing to Cardinal Dolan and did another.

It is a fact that Katherine Sibelius has the full support of Pres. Obama in regards to the HHS policy that strikes down the freedom of companies to practice their religion.

It is a fact that Pres. Obama’s appointee to the Supreme Court is pro-abortion.

I can’t see what the “propaganda” is. Please explain.

And who the heck cares about the ability to worship if our religion is legally required to stop once we exit the place of worship?

What is a Romney/Ryan win going to do to our free ability to worship? :confused:

Some, actually many people are Obama supporters. They will say anything to attack Romney even they know what they said was a lie.

Peaceful demonstrators were arrested this past weekend by the current government. The persecution is on public square. Yet people can ignore facts and still vote for Obama. See this article with pictures that clergy and other peaceful pro-lifers were arrested.

The proof of religious persecution is right and left. Yet people, even people claim to believe in God, can lie right and left and support the dictator. That is how our nation’s situation is as it is. It is not God who wants to destroy America. It is American people as such want to destroy our country. Our country is destroyed from within. Sad. Indeed.

Regardless, we need to pray for God’s miracles to turn things around. Prayer is our only hope. So continue to pray and pray hard.

Let’s see, they probably didn’t have the proper permits?

Not the OWS was held to the same standard. :o

How were these people persecuted? Would a dictator even allow protest to happen? Do you really think the republicans are any better?

The Catholicism that Obama embraces is the same form that his old buddy from Chicago Father Flegler espouses!

What pray tell is the “truth”? I also second the other posters in asking, how will a Romney/Ryan White House threaten religious freedom in any way?

This post makes no sense whatsoever. What threat does a President Obama present to free worship? What is your point about the Supreme Court and attending mass?

YES I think the Republicans are better! They are not trying to take Catholic’s religious liberty away!!! In one term President Obama is trying to force Catholics and other religious organizations to violate their conscience. I used to be a democrat.

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