President Obama reflects on meeting with Pope Francis [CWN]


In remarks delivered at the annual White House Easter prayer breakfast, President Barack Obama reflected on his recent meeting with Pope Francis.After lamenting the murder of three …



I don’t understand how anyone can consider themselves a Christian when they condone the killing of unborn babies.God Bless, Memaw


It was surprising to read the President claiming to be a practicing Christian, I had the impression he wasn’t. Given that he said of Pope Francis that "He reminds us that all of us, no matter what our station, have an obligation to live righteously, and that we all have an obligation to live humbly. Because that’s, in fact, the example that we profess to follow.” I wonder how he reconciles his actions (both as a father and a leader of a nation) with the teachings of the Bible or are we about to witness a miracle?

Perhaps I have it wrong, if so, I apologise and offer my nationality as an excuse. There is no need to comment on British politicians, I know and am ashamed of how our country is going.:blush:


…and how humble are Michelle’s many, many, many multimillion dollar trips?


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