President Obama: remarks at dinner during Ramadan [CC]

The White House hosted an Iftar dinner on June 23 to mark the end of fasting on one of the days of the month of Ramadan.Ramadan began this year on June 17; it concludes on July …


Does anyone know if the President celebrates and host any Jewish, Christian, annual white house dinners in recognition of any of the latter most holy days?

Ramadan is not a national holiday, recognized in the U.S government calendar?

What I find disturbing in the reported dinner and the president’s speech who uses his office to promote and pastoralize the religion of Islam as a religion to solve current social issue’s of prejudice and ignorance from the Ramadan tools he quotes of " sacrifice, discipline, patience".

Islam does not possess a monopoly on such religious disciplines and quite frankly, Islam in recent years does not produce any such leaders with such disciplines, on the world stage of events in the past decades. I am not comparing religions here.

In reading the president Barrack Hussein Obama’s words, It was disturbing that no where in his promotion or celebration of Ramadan, the president never uses the universal language of Love that can bring a social tolerance to a level, where dialogue and understanding can remove the ignorance and prejudices on social issues.

Instead, the President uses Ramadan as a platform to promote Muslims in celebrating virtues to solve current social issues of ignorance and prejudice. Where is the Love, Mr. President? and where is the equal tolerance of peace and justice for non-Muslims living within Muslim borders.

It would appear that;President Barrack Hussein Obama is using the words “sacrifice, discipline and patience” from an Islamic interpretation never a Christian interpretation,

On a positive note; It is good that the President of the U.S recognize Ramadan on a personal level that gives the example of tolerance to the religion of Islam.

Peace be to you

I’m told the president hosts an Easter Prayer Breakfast at the White House and, of course, celebrates Christmas in a big way.

President Obama and his family have hosted a Jewish Seder every year for the past seven years. I would imagine that his remarks were appropriate to the festival.

So he has the Abrahamic faiths represented in their major holidays. That seems to be a good tradition. I hope the next president continues it.

Thank you for your post. I am aware of the U.S annual Christian leader breakfast after the New Year at the White house. I don’t believe the Ramadan he celebrates in the same capacity the White house tradition celebrates, during the Easter White house lawn egg hunt compares. Has anyone ever heard the president speak about Jesus resurrection on Easter? Christmas is a U.S tradition and is a regular U.S holiday which does not fall on the same par as Ramadan.

I don’t believe President Obama celebrates the Christian Lenten season which is on a par with Ramadan when neither are a recognized officially by the U.S government.

My question related to any unofficial U.S recognized Christian or Jewish religious season, the President celebrates as he does the Ramadan Muslim season, that does not fall under the category of a U.S official holiday. Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah excluded.

That’s great news, if Hilary Clinton wins the presidency, we are sure to give the Muslims their recognition of Ramadan as a U.S new tradition and holiday, especially if President Hussein Barrack Obama supports her:)

His remarks if you read them are very appropriate for Ramadan and Muslims. But to use the Ramadan disciplines of virtue to solve our social problems of ignorance and prejudice remain debatable without love of neighbor and love of enemy which is a Christian virtue of practice not a Muslim virtue of practice during Ramadan…

This administration, as well as the last one I believe, is very intentional on acknowledging the different faith and cultural traditions that make up America. I am very glad to hear that there are formal events that honor and celebrate holidays such as Passover and Ramadan and Dawali. I am also very glad that our President speaks of why people celebrate these rituals and what spiritual meaning they have. We can all learn from each other’s spiritual practices.

If one compares Ramadan to Lent, fair enough. I don’t think that the White House is about to take on the month long fast, nor the 40 day Lenten abstinences. What they DID do was to come together to break the fast on one evening, honoring the teachings and spiritual insights of Islam.

Christianity is the major faith tradition in this country. We don’t need to bring our holidays to the attention of the people. I would be more concerned if I were a practicing Sikh or B’hai or even Buddhist. How are we all represented and honored in our beliefs and practices? It’s a good start, though, sitting down at a Seder or iftar meal together. I am grateful to live in a country where we can such a thing.

“Misunderstanding of the present grows fatally from the ignorance of the past” (Marc Bloch)

It’s one thing to celebrate and recognize our strengths in diversity. But to lay a claim that the disciplines of Ramadan is what is called for to solve our differences and social problems of ignorance and prejudice by the president, could mistakenly insult the long living traditions of Christianity which predate Islam and it’s Ramadan.

My post addresses the OP in regards to the “remarks at dinner during Ramadan” by the President, not necessarily Ramadan itself.

I pray for the Syrian and Iraqi Catholic Christians who were slaughtered and escaped crucifixion by the military and political arm of Islam, who were never given the opportunity to celebrate such diversity and freedom of religion without persecution.

I would be praising the President had he remarked the Ramadan disciplines are needed by Muslims to make change in Islam for acceptance and tolerance of other religions within Muslim borders.

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