President Obama Says Penn State Scandal Should Prompt Nationwide ‘Soul Searching’

In an interview during a media time out at the Carrier Classic basketball game, ESPN’s Andy Katz asked President Obama about the Penn State scandal.

“The whole situation is heartbreaking,” the president said. “We think first and foremost of the victims of these alleged crimes.”

The president said, “It’s a good time for us to do some soul-searching – every institution, not just Penn State - about what our priorities are and making sure that we understand that our first priority is protecting our kids. We all have a responsibility. We can’t leave it to a system. We can’t leave it to somebody else. Each of us have to take it upon ourselves to make sure that our kids have the love and support and protection that they deserve.”

I agree with the president here. I think in the area of college sports and in a number of other areas we have our priorities wrong.

Gilliam - Thank you for posting this. Obama’s message is something everyone should read and think about. Nothing should take precedence over protecting children.


"Each of us have to take it upon ourselves to make sure that our kids have the love and support and protection that they deserve.”

Just not those unborn kids, where’s their love and protection Mr Obama? :rolleyes:

How about the little boy being raised by lesbian parents, who want to feed him drugs to delay puberty until he can have a sex-change operation to turn him into a transgendered freak? Does your concern travel that far, Barry, or are you afraid of offending the sexual perversion voting bloc if you oppose that sort of nonsense?

Same thing I was thinking…those unborn are okay to kill.

BO is right, but the words are hollow given who is saying them. I thought he didn’t want people “punished” for their “mistake?”

Interesting that the biggest proponent of killing innocent babies with tax dollars in the USA and teaching children that sodomy is good (gay lifestyle and gay marriage) - says he wants to protect children. :tsktsk:
Children also need to be protected from politicians like him.

He will do or say anything for a vote. His word versus his actions will be very interesting in the next election.

Hey previous posters!

What is YOUR priority? Is it to bash Obama or discuss how we should better protect children?

Kudos to Gilliam - whom I believe is no great fan of Obama, but has his priorities straight.

My personal priorities are to protect children and to get rid of Obama as soon as possible.

The man is part of the problem----he is definitely not part of the solution.


As important as abortion is, living children count too! :smiley:

Instead of “soul seaching” we should search the gas chamber where people who hurt children deserve to be!


Come on, this is completely unfair.

I think sports in general have it wrong today–just look at the NBA lockup for proof of that.

Obama does nothing to protect children. - words and no action.
We already know to turn in abusers to the police immediately, we don’t need him to tell us that
Obama has lost his moral authority based upon his own actions as mentioned above in this thread.

Secondly if he was serious, it would help if Obama and others in charge of our government would look into and adopt legal ways of stopping internet porn which leads to such terrible abuse.
Action not words.

I’m waiting. Talk is cheap.

Absolutely. Kudos to gilliam :thumbsup:

I’m eagerly awaiting the first post that claims that this is all really Obama’s fault

But seriously, this is about the horror of what happened at Penn State and the President’s common sense suggestion.

Shame on those who would make this an opportunity to push an anti-Obama political agenda.

Yeah, Obama seem to want to be the faith voice. he preaches and talks about God as if he is faifthful to God. he is dangerous as it comes. he advocates evil yet speaks about God.

Would most people listen to Cardinal Law after the abuse scandal broke?

Okay, so let’s give the President kudos for saying the right things with this situation. And, let’s see him start the soul searching by announcing that he has changed his mind about the unborn.

For many it has nothing to do with the President, it has to do with pushing for a culture of life (all human life from natural conception to natural death).

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