President Obama to Address ISIS Strategy in Speech


President Obama will give a speech next week outlining his strategy for taking on the threat posed by ISIS, ABC News has learned.

The president will use the speech to outline the nature of the threat – serious, but not an imminent threat to the homeland – and the strategy for confronting it.

It is not expected that he will make any major new announcements such as a decision on Syria air strikes, but he will describe the efforts he is already taking, including air strikes in Iraq and building an international coalition.

In other words, the president wants to leave no doubt he does in fact have a strategy for taking on ISIS despite his words two weeks ago – “We don’t have a strategy yet” – when asked about taking on ISIS in Syria.

The president will also meet with Congressional leaders Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell from the Senate, and John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi from the House on Tuesday to talk about ISIS and begin stepped up consultations with Congress. The following week, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey will be testifying before Congress.

There is no timeline for a presidential decision on ordering airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria, and it sounds like such a decision is unlikely to happen before late September at the earliest.

Of course, none of this rules out an isolated strike on a high-value target in Syria along the lines of the strike in Somalia on Monday that killed al-Shabab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane along with two other high ranking members of the terror group.


Sounds like more hot air.



The strategy is to table it until later.


He finally has a strategy?


ISIS Announcement: We’ve Intercepted US & Obama’s Plan to Battle ISIS
ISIS says it has the US plan to fight ISIS, (ISIL, IS) and posted it today on JustPaste.
(س) Abu Aminah @ghazishami
9:26 AM - 6 Sep 2014

What is concerning is that the plans were leaked to the terror group through Saudi intelligence. Thus, ISIS just admitted they have sources inside the Kingdom’s intelligence apparatus.
Here is the translated and leaked document.


Will wonders never cease? A plan! More like a plan to stop the Senate vote hemorrhaging.
The man is sadly oppressed with reality and is returning to the golfcourse fairyland too often to be taken seriously as a leader of the Western alliance against this existential threat to our culture and values. Thank the Lord the American military have some wise heads within its top ranks, as with Cameron’s UK leadership threatened by Scottish devolution, it will seemingly be up to Turkey to take over. :smiley:
As an outsider, one has to ask was he always this transparently fleckless or is this the disease of office? I didn’t see it in previous Presidents.


First off, this is not a strategic plan, this is a list of alliances.

Secondly, anyone who has a little knowledge of politics in the region and has listened to the news for the last few weeks can put an identical list together. It may or may not be what is really happening; but it looks like the list I would have put together with some additional cooperation from Turkey than what is listed.

You aren’t going to know what the exact strategic plan is. What you will probably hear about is a very, very high level plan. Something like: “roll back” and irradiate the command and control. And it will be lead by Iraqis on the ground in Iraq.


Bullets 6 and 7 are curious.

“Sahwat” - Tribal.

The list may or may not be authentic but apparently ISIS is stating they are cutting and pasting it and Gateway Pundit is merely posting this info.

It’s not like they are slandering or bearing false witness as some do.


It is noteworthy that it is Turkey that is dragging its feet the most, according to that information.

Turkey is no longer the bulwark that it once was, as Islamist values set into that country.


Turkey is the only Muslim country that was mentioned last week as helping in the NATO speech. They have already stepped up efforts to keep Islamists from crossing the border into Syria. More info here:


This is all very concerning to me. I just hope that the threat from ISIS can be stopped quickly and without it exploding into another World War or something.


Summary of policy

Erdogan-Davutoglu mistakes summarized

If Turkey had not opened its border with Syria in both directions to al-Qaeda-derivative Islamic State (IS), if so many fighters had not crossed the border into Syria with their guns and equipment and if this group had not used Turkey as a base, IS could not have amassed its current strength in Syria.

IS gained its strength in Syria because of the facilitating role Ankara played, which allowed IS to occupy Mosul, the second-largest city in Iraq. If IS had not captured Mosul, it would not have seized the Turkish Consulate and taken 49 Turkish nationals hostage.

Today, Turkey is a hostage to IS because of the Erdogan-Davutoglu policy on Syria. Because IS captured Mosul, it was able to seize the Mosul Dam and Sinjar, and threaten Erbil.

Read more:


The speech is set for 9PM EST on Wednesday. It will be covered by all major networks.

POTUS and Biden to meet with congressional leaders in about an hour.


U.S. urges China to help with Islamic State in Iraq


Should be a very short speech.


“The Chinese expressed interest.”

We’ve been waiting for the hecklers in the cheap seats to show us how its done. I’m all set and prepared to be awed. :slight_smile:

Obama characterized China as a passive global “free rider” when it comes to addressing international crises.

There’s the small matter of China, which everyone seems to have forgotten


WSJ/NBC Poll: Almost Two-Thirds Back Attacking Militants
Public in More Hawkish Mood Ahead of President Obama’s Speech to the Nation About Islamic State

President Barack Obama will lay out plans on Wednesday to combat the militant group Islamic State to an American public that has grown increasingly hawkish.

Almost two-thirds of participants in a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll believe it is in the nation’s interest to confront the group, known as ISIS and as ISIL, which has swept through Syria and northern Iraq and recently beheaded two U.S. journalists. Only 13% saw no national interest in acting.

In addition, some 40% in those polled said any U.S. military action against ISIS should be limited to airstrikes and an additional 34% backed both airstrikes and committing U.S. ground troops to the battle—a remarkable mood swing for an electorate that just a year ago recoiled at Mr. Obama’s proposal to launch airstrikes against Syria.


**President Obama to Propose Immediate Effort to Train Syrian Opposition **

During a meeting with congressional leaders, President Obama said he wants to immediately begin a program to provide military training to the moderate opposition in Syria, the Free Syrian Army, a senior White House official said.

Unlike already established, secret CIA programs to support the Syrian rebels, this would be an overt program to train the rebels at camps that would be set up in countries in the region that have now agreed to allow the training to take part on their territory, according to the official.

The official would not specify where in the region the training would take place, but pointed to a trip over the weekend by White House counterterrorism adviser Lisa Monaco to Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

The president told congressional leaders he needs authority from Congress to begin this training program, the official said. It will require a vote of Congress. The White House was adamant that the vote must come immediately, the source said.


Obama backs more aid to Syrian rebels, laying possible groundwork for airstrikes

                           This is beginning to look like a very frightening possibility.


The US president is set to present a plan to fight caliphate militias. His would-be alliance includes states that have provided ISIL with financial and ideological support, and excludes Syria, Iran and Russia. Pope Francis, Card Sandri, and Mgr Tomasi, the Vatican observer at the UN, demand that the United Nations be involved to enhance the fight’s effectiveness.


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