President Obama will head to Louisiana on Tuesday, August 23


This morning, President Obama received an update from DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson on the ongoing response and recovery efforts to the severe flooding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, following the Secretary’s trip to the region on Thursday. During his visit, Secretary Johnson met with state and local officials, viewed the ongoing response and recovery efforts, and visited local shelters where those impacted by the flooding are receiving food and disaster-caused needs.

While in Martha’s Vineyard, the President has received updates on the situation in Louisiana, including from the DHS Secretary and the FEMA Administrator, who took separate trips there. The President today directed his team to coordinate with Louisiana officials to determine an appropriate time for him to visit, and together they have determined that the President will visit Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Tuesday, August 23rd. Additional details will be announced in the coming days. The President is mindful of the impact that his travel has on first responders and wants to ensure that his presence does not interfere with ongoing recovery efforts. He is also eager to get a first-hand look at the impact of the devastating floods, hear from more officials about the response, including how the federal government can assist and tell the people of Louisiana that the American people will be with them as they rebuild their community and come back stronger than ever.


I guess he couldn’t get a tee time.


Trump and pence are already there.


Obama will fly in like Superman next Tuesday and smooth talk his way into people’s hearts. All will be forgiven I predict. By that time the White House will have spinned a story citing the benefits of him not arriving before Tuesday - I predict. :shrug:


Trump shamed him into it.


Yep! He won’t let Trump one up him!


I bet when he arrives he’ll make a speech against trump. Gee how can we tie the flood with trump?


I think the real world effects of an Obama visit will be negligible for Baton Rouge.


I think that illogical blaming is on par for this election. If Obama blames Trump for the flooding, it would be with the same illogical argument as when Trump blamed Obama for the Orlando mass shooting, or when Katrina Pierson, Trumps spokeswoman, blamed Obama for Humayun Khan’s death


There you go! You win the prize for doing the impossible! Well done.


Thank you very much…After all of these months of this very, very, long and painful election. I think I’m fed up with the “Trump the victim” persona that people are pandering.


I wonder who is going to lecture on this visit?


No I don’t think trump is anybody’s victim, but I do think he’s a champion for lots of victims in this country of the failed policies of our present administration.


Nothing like delivering a truck load of Play-doh to a flood ruined economy to shame the president.


But Good Tidings, Play-doh gave Trump a photo op for 49 secs.


Truth be told the governor asked the President to delay his visit citing the drain on resources that a Presidential visit demands, resources that he would prefer be devoted to flood relief.

The Obama Administration’s FEMA chief and an official of Homeland Security actually have been on the ground before Trump-Pence.

The governor did not want Trump coming for a photo-op.

Hillary Clinton called Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards on Friday, but suggested that she would not travel to the state to avoid distracting from flood relief efforts there. She called for donations as the best way at this time to help rather than causing distractions.

But when the President of the United States does arrive he can do something Donald Trump could never do. The President can hear from officials about how the federal government can assist and tell the people of Louisiana that the American people will be with them as they rebuild their community and come back stronger than ever. Donald Trump is not POTUS. He can’t do a thing about federal assistance.


Of course, he can’t.


Oh, he finally decided to go? The waters must have receded from the golf course down there.


And meanwhile, not a word from our MSM. I remember how they railed against Bush for weeks for not going when Katrina hit. I believe he was asked by the mayor (or governor) not to come, but the press kept at it. Double standard? You bet.


Oh, absolutely. But of course, we’ll get the usual excuses and rationales from the Obama apologists as to how this is so very different, and people just don’t understand. Please, Obama was shown up by Donald Trump. Full stop.

And interestingly both Obama and Clinton were chilling at Martha’s Vineyard. But Republican’s are the elitists. :rolleyes:

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