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President Obama’s Full Interview With Chuck Todd on “Meet The Press”: The full, uncut version of Chuck Todd’s …


Obama admits that the “optics” were bad regarding his decision to play golf immediately after his statement on the beheading of the journalist. Thus, NOT that it was wrong to do, just that it “looked bad.” What a terrible yardstick has entered our public life: not whether something is right or wrong, just how it looks.


In politics,perception is reality.:frowning:


I agree. I don’t think I would call that true repentence.
I am beginning to think he is a narcissist.


Yeah, he’s second guessing it because it looked bad; not because he actually gave a damn about an American citizen having his head chopped off.


For those criticizing Obama for playing golf, I wonder whether this story bothered you in 2001:


No, what bothers me is the comparisons in attempts to justify ridiculous behavior. Two wrongs doesn’t make a right, its just leaves Obama still wrong, and with a example he should have learned from. :shrug:


Honestly I think the conversation about “good muslims” is an utter failure and I can’t see how those who propose the ideal can prove it, and I think its their responsibility. Imho muslim immigrants ought to denounce sharia law and a failure to assimilate ought to be grounds for revoking US citizens rights. Religious visas and immigration from Muslim countries should be brought to a halt until terrorism is defeated. Further Islam is a contrast to our constitution in its political ideals and shouldn’t be recognized as religion and we should follow Italy in this legal area. And further this claim of interests and friends should be value for value in relationship, if Saudi Arabia can build mosques in the US, then the US must be able to build churches, synagogues or temples inside Saudi Arabia and the Bible ought to legal and available.

This is “our” country and we ought to safeguard it and admit what we do not know which gives way to uncalled for issues in the name of democracy undefined. :thumbsup:


I wasn’t attempting to justify anything. I was attempting to point out hypocrisy.

I actually don’t begrudge either incident. Unless a person has been President of the US, I wouldn’t criticize things like this that really don’t matter. Save it for real issues…


when you say it’s “our” country, whom do you mean? where is the line drawn and which groups in the US shouldn’t claim it as their country?


There was an outcry. There is no hypocrisy.

People were just as outraged then. We just didn’t have the social medial we have today.


I never said you did, and so was I. Hypocrisy is still hypocrisy when repeated.

I don’t begrudge it either, but its worthy of comment, apparently. :wink:

“To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.” Theodore Roosevelt


Argumentation “Tu Toque”




I’m with you on everything but this. I wasn’t trying to squelch free speech. I was talking about people making judgments on a situation with which they have no personal experience.
We ALL are very quick to judge others’ actions. Myself most certainly included.


It absolutely is. But to use the tu toque argument constantly means that we can be as hypocritical as we want.
I can support Bush and criticize Obama for the same thing and scream “Tu toque Tu toque!” if someone points out the hypocrisy.


I hear you, I’m hesitant to agree here though, and not because of your integrity or intention. Its more a reluctance to proceed further with what in my conscience and reasoning conclude is a bad plan at this very moment. Which is why I’m skeptical of any politician leading us into undefined conflict. Congress imho as I have said right along is a must. And for a many reasons, including public support which is horrendous and absolute for morality in a long term situation we are indeed talking. So we shall see as Obama plans to head in this direction yet reserves the ultimate right of the all powerful executive order. Color me “skeptical”.


From what I can tell, Obama does have a plan and will brief congress on it tomorrow. President Obama is a cautious man and I am sure the plan will be limited in scope; but the duration is probably multi-year.

We are starting to get some idea of what it is… looks to be Iraqi army and militias on the ground in Iraq and moderate rebels on the ground in Syria. Multiple air forces involved including the US in the air. Multiple armies involved for guidance, but mostly the US. Action will begin in Iraq with Syria to follow (there may be some pin-point attacks in Syria to prepare the battlefield.)

Have no idea what the relationship and cooperation with Iran will be, but will probably be indirect. We won’t get the Sunnis involved if they think we are becoming the Shia Air Force.

All of this will take years.


A review of the interview from The Conservative Tree House:

Jaw Dropping Lies and Propaganda Within President Obama’s Meet The Press Interview…
Posted on September 7, 2014 by sundance
There are moments in edited TV content when a keyed-in viewer can see a cut intended to make a “comfort edit”, smoothing out the narrative. The Chuck Todd interview with President Obama was riddled with them. Even when being interviewed by a fellow ideological traveler.

@00:24 “this administration has” – President Obama using third person distancing tactic discussing an uncomfortable negative. When the topic is positive, or viewed as favorable currency, the term “my administration” is used.

@01:05 “what I have done over the past several months” – President Obama knowing he was caught flat-footed, having called ISIS “JV”, and having admitted not having a strategy is now trying to give appearance of them having been working on this all along.

Read more:


Despite my issues with the source, this is absolutely what he did, and what nearly every political office holder does.
Source: I’ve been working in political/governmental administrations on the state level for 25 years.

Good news comes from the elected directly, bad news from “the administration.”

It is standard procedure everywhere.

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