President Says He'll Act on His Own Re: "Broken" Immigration System


Just so I follow this right. The president refuses to enforce the immigration law we already have while simultaneously encouraging children to come here, creating the crisis we have today, then says he’ll “fix” it himself because Congress won’t act. This is how dictatorships work.

Blackmailing Congress is what dictators do- Obama is saying that Congress is irrelevant. And, indeed, as long as Congress lets Obama act lawlessly, Obama is right.

Congress is not a rubber stamp, which is what Obama wants. All Obama has to do is ENFORCE THE LAW, and he refuses to do this.

I really think that if you voted for Obama in 2012, you committed a sin- against the unborn, against the weak, against soldiers, against Iraqis, against Syrians, against the poor people who came here illegally. You have blood on your hands.


Breitbart is a blog.

Here is a CNN story

Obama says he’ll take executive actions “to fix as much of our immigration system as I can on my own”


You didn’t read the “blog”, obviously.

Well I watched the presser, read the articles. What I said is true. By the way, nothing in the “blog” is factually incorrect. So what is the difference?

News is news.


It has a news division, which is what was linked, a story from the AP.

And I’m not surprised our President will act on his own. He cares not a whit for the Constitution.


Durbin: Obama will “Borrow the Power” to Solve Immigration

Because “borrowing power” is what all Constitutional Lawyer Presidents do.



Gilliam’s correct Breitbart is considered a blog here. If you have any questions, send me a PM, don’t discuss mod actions on the forums.

Since a number of members posted links to news sources I will keep this thread open.

Please continue to post charitably.


Speaker Boehner on the President’s Immigration Announcement

WASHINGTON, DC – House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) issued the following statement on the president’s immigration announcement today:

“The crisis at our southern border reminds us all of the critical importance of fixing our broken immigration system. It is sad and disappointing that – faced with this challenge – President Obama won’t work with us, but is instead intent on going it alone with executive orders that can’t and won’t fix these problems. The president’s own executive orders have led directly to the humanitarian crisis along the southern border, giving false hope to children and their families that if they enter the country illegally they will be allowed to stay. The White House claims it will move to return these children to their families in their home countries, yet additional executive actions from this president isn’t going to stem the tide of illegal crossings, it’s only going to make them worse. As the Supreme Court reminded us this week, under our Constitution there are sharp limits to what the president can accomplish if he ignores the American people and their elected representatives.”


The President has said that any executive actions he might be able to take are no substitute for congressional action. His press secretary has repeated that as well. That doesn’t sound very “dictatorial” to me, does it to you? Is it “dictatorial” because you disagree with him? As for his failures to enforce the law, the President is setting records for deportations. If anything, law enforcement in this area seems to be acting more sternly than it ever has before.

I say this as someone who doesn’t even like the President.

Intent to go it alone? Boehner refuses to let a bill come to a vote. The President has been discussing immigration reform for years, it’s not as if they haven’t tried to work with congress.


At this point is anyone even surprised? Bypass Congress, bypass Senate, bypass Americans, etc…


Thank you, Hardtohear. The truth of what you state is inescapable, insofar as you believe that Obama has contempt for the separation of powers, and he is indeed acting as Dictator. What has shocked me is not that a nasty human being could ever assume the Presidency. Obama is not the first by any means. But what has been most depressing and stunning is how little pushback there is to his naked agression against every American who believes in God and the rule of law. :doh2: Rob


As much as I dislike Boehner, VLM, he is within his right to refuse to bring any legislation up for a vote for any reason, and this immigration bill is disatrrous, republic-busting legislation. Does this legitimate usage of legislative power justify tyrannical employment of executive power? Not in MY America, it doesn’t.
Do you realize that Harry Reid rejects dozens of bills passed by the House out-of-hand? This apparently is not a problem. But doesn’t the hypocrisy of your diametrically-opposed positions on two examples of the same issue smack you in the face? :shrug:


From the AP:

President Barack Obama defiantly dared congressional Republicans on Tuesday to try to block his efforts to act on his own and bypass a divided Congress that has thwarted his policy initiatives.

“So sue me,” he taunted on a sweltering day, as he pushed lawmakers to pay for road and bridge repairs. “I’m not going to apologize for trying to do something.”

He utterly disregards laws (or portions of laws) that he doesn’t like – and if you don’t like it, “so sue me.”

So he doesn’t care to follow the Constitution – and if you don’t like it, “so sue me”

He makes me so proud to be an American. I think every American should take his attitude.


Have we ever had a president so prideful as this one?

When will this end? I am so tired of seeing that smirk on his face.


[FONT=Arial]Hey, you forget he is raising record amounts of money for the demopublicans. He will never be impeached (the reublocrats are afraid of being called racist) and convicted (the demopublicans benefit from the fund raising). He will trip the light fantastic until 2016; you can bet on it. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial] [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]How the mighty have fallen. [/FONT]


I really, really hope this man get’s what’s coming to him after he’s out of power and this fog of celebrity worship dissipates.


Surely you are calling for what you believe is justice from God, and this is not your hope or call for vigilante justice, right?

We need to be careful of how we phrase things in case someone, unbalanced, gets the wrong idea and decides to take your words out of context.


Pray for President Obama and our country,that is all we can do.God Bless!


Obama will do all he can possibly do to damage this country while he can. The fact that his opportunities are receding is a good thing, even though he still has options, including lawbreaking.

What truly amazes me, though, is how supine his party is. Imagine how towering the egos of senators and reps of both parties are. And look, then, at the present situation in which the Democrats in congress act like so many “yes men” like the Politburo of Stalin’s era. As a former Democrat activist myself, I am simply gobsmacked by it.


The most arrogant, narcissistic, incompetent President of my life time.The good news is every thing he does by the stroke of a pen can be undone by a stroke of a pen by the next president.


And watch the Dems squeal like stuck pigs if that happens

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